Hitachi Construction Machinery


2016 Tierra Festival (Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra)

This year’s Tierra Festival got a change. The annual summer festival held in August was turned in an “autumn” festival this year and was held on September 10, 2016. There were a record number of visitors, 1,420 in all, thanks to the distribution of leaflets to surrounding residents and active promotion of the festival. Visitors were given tours of the factory assembly line and machine lot, areas rarely opened to the general public.

This year’s festival also featured a new booth for health consultations and driving safety checks. A nurse was on duty to answer questions. The purpose of the booth was to get employees and their families to rethink health maintenance and driving safety. The sound of the Konan Taiko drums, a local tradition that is being preserved today, could be heard strongly reverberating throughout the event.


■ Mini excavators lined the event site

■ Popular events included the health and driving safety check booth, the annual mini excavator exhibit, and the forklift ride

■ Performance of the Konan Taiko drums from Koka City; The strong beat of the drums being played by adults and children livened up the event


■ Uchiwa fans, a PR tool for Tierra’s environmental activities, introduced the company’s environmentally conscious construction machinery and environmental activities

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