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Reduction of Standby Power during Manufacturing Process (KCM)


Banshu Works of KCM Corporation is promoting the reduction of electric power at each manufacturing process.

Salt (bath) quenching*1 is part of the heat treatment process. Thus far, the salt bath was maintained at a consistent temperature to prevent salt (nitrates) from losing heat and hardening. Starting FY2016, Banshu Works has been implementing measures to optimize heating and suspension of the salt bath to reduce power consumption. Banshu Works expects to reduce its standby energy consumption by roughly 106MWh per year.

This represents approximately 1% of total electric power consumption at Banshu Works. Banshu Works is meeting the non-binding goal*2 in the Act on the Rational Use of Energy with this single improvement measure alone.

Going forward, Banshu Works plans to review its other manufacturing processes to further reduce its electrical power consumption.

*1 The heat treatment process consists of soaking molded products in a salt bath, that contains dissolved nitrates and other salts, and then heated and cooled.

*2 Act on the Rational Use of Energy aims to promote the reduction of energy expended by factories, buildings, and machinery/equipment use, to improve the efficient use of energy. As a non-binding target, companies are expected to reduce their energy consumption by 1% or more on average each year.

1703-9eWeekly electric power consumption and reduction benefits

1703-10Salt bath

1703-11Salt bath when heater is turned on

1703-12Salt bath when heater is turned off

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