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Participating in the Nijyu-maru Project to Protect Biodiversity (Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra)


On March 24, 2017, Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra Co., Ltd. pledged the Nijyu-maru Declaration as its commitment to take action to protect biodiversity.

The Nijyu-maru Declaration entails the registration of activities undertaken to prevent the loss of biodiversity within the parameters of the Nijyu-maru Project. The project was devised by the International Union for Conservation of Nature Japan. It is being promoted to achieve the Aichi Targets, which were adopted at the tenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP 10) to the Convention on Biological Diversity.

Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra is located in Shiga Prefecture, which is home to Lake Biwa. Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra is undertaking a variety of environmental activities, including actions to preserve the ecosystem.



■Establishing a Biotope Reserve on Our Factory Site

We created a biotope on our factory site. We planted trees that attract stag beetles (lucanidae) and rhinoceros beetles (dynastinae). We also planted trees that produce nectar that is a source of food for the Japanese white-eye (zosterops japonicus), and Japanese bush warbler (horornis diphone) during the winter months. Ten to twenty years down the road, the trees we planted should grow into a lush forest with biodiversity that will contribute to the local ecosystem.

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■Activities to eradicate non-native species from Lake Biwa

Lake Biwa’s unique ecosystem has been destabilized by the introduction of non-native species from around 45 years ago. Shiga Prefecture is carrying out a project to eradicate harmful non-native species to protect the endemic species in the area. In conjunction with the event held at Lake Biwa, Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra carried out activities to eradicate non-native species. Employees, their families, and partner companies participated in the activities.

<Contributing Aichi Targets>


■Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra Rapeseed Project

Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra is supporting the NPO Nanohana Project Network by raising rapeseed at its onsite biotope. Rapeseed oil is used for cooking. After it is used as cooking oil, it can be recycled for use as a biodiesel fuel (BDF). We collect used cooking oil. The used cooking oil is then sent out to be processed and refined. It is then used as a biodiesel fuel in our forklifts at the factory site.

<Contributing Aichi Targets>



Nijyu-maru Project: Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra registration page (Japanese only)


Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra will remain committed to actively protecting the local ecosystem.

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