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Carbon Offsetting Activities Contributing to the Prevention of Global Warming—Results of Activities Equivalent to 100,000 Cedar Trees


In October 2016, the result of our cumulative carbon offsetting activities at the HCM Group was equivalent to the amount of CO2 absorbed by 100,000 cedar trees. To commemorate this achievement, a tree planting ceremony was held on June 30, 2017 at Tsuchiura Works, which was during Environment Month.

We first kicked off our carbon offsetting activities in November 2008. We embarked on these activities to reduce CO2 emissions and prevent global warming. Our goal was to offset CO2 emissions through these activities by roughly 1,400 tons, or when converted into the amount of CO2 absorbed by cedar trees, 100,000 trees.

We held a tree planting ceremony, which was attended by our top executives, to commemorate the achievement of this goal and to promote the further expansion of our carbon offsetting activities. The commemorative tree planting reflects our aspirations to continue implementing these full-fledged activities. Going forward, the HCM Group aims to continue to contribute to the prevention of global warming.


Commemorative tree planting

(from the left) Koji Sumioka, Executive Vice President, Tatsuro Ishizuka, Chairman of the Board, Kotaro Hirano, President, and Michifumi Tabuchi, Senior Vice President


(From the left) Osamu Okada, Director, Yuichi Tsujimoto, Corporate Consultant, Koji Sumioka, Executive Vice President, Tatsuro Ishizuka, Chairman of the Board, Kotaro Hirano, President, Michifumi Tabuchi, Senior Vice President, Hirotoyo Fujii, Senior Vice President, and Kenji Ota, Vice President


Carbon Offsetting method

HCM supplies machines, including hybrid and electric hydraulic excavators, that boast a high level of energy-saving performance and which have a carbon offsetting function (curbs CO2 emissions). Through this we support the reduction of CO2 emissions at HCM and our customers, and the procurement of funds for CO2 emissions reduction projects.

What is Carbon Offsetting

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