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Andoung Neang Village Presented with New Reservoir


Completed reservoir. Senior Vice President Fujii at center left

On April 10, 2018, NPO Good Earth Japan (GEJ) held a ceremony to present the village of Andoung Neang, which is located in Battambang Province in the northwestern part of Cambodia, with a reservoir that was built with the support of the GEJ.

By expanding the previously used reservoir (10m X 20m X 1m), this reservoir can provide water for daily life and farming to a broader range of households. Construction was commenced in early March 2018. The reservoir is now 30 meters in length, 40 meters in width, and 3 meters deep.

Hirotoyo Fujii, representative director of GEJ, attended the ceremony, along with a total of 120 people, including children, who gathered together to celebrate the completion of the reservoir. The chief of the village, speaking behalf of the village, strongly declared that everyone would use and maintain the reservoir as an asset of the village. Senior Vice President Fujii also gave a speech, saying he hoped the reservoir would be used for many years to come as daily life and farming water, and that the agricultural training, such as mushroom cultivation and chicken raise, that was provided would go to improving the standard of living of all villagers.

GEJ aims to improve the standard of living and independence of farmers living in areas of Cambodia that have been cleared of landmines. To this end, the GEJ’s activities focus on the development of an infrastructure, including the building of roads, and the creation of reservoirs necessary for daily life and irrigating farm lands. The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group aims to continue to support the GEJ’s activities.

Hirotoyo Fujii (center), Representative Director of GEJ and Senior Vice President of Hitachi Construction Machinery cuts the ribbon


Address by Hirotoyo Fujii

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