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Environmental Education and Health Promotion Event at Lake Biwa Museum (Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra)


On June 23, Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra Co., Ltd. hosted a visit to the Lake Biwa Museum for employees and their children as part of the company’s 3rd Health Advancement Initiative.

Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra became an exhibit sponsor for the Lake Biwa Museum in January 2018. The exhibit reproduces Shiga Prefecture’s central river basin, which is location of the rivers flowing near Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra’s Shiga Works. This ecosystem is home to pale chub, dark chub, and sweetfish, among other species. Salamander, a protected species, have even been found in the pristine waters of tributaries.

On the day of the event, a total of 47 people participated, including 20 children of employees and Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra President Kazunori Nakamura. The group learned about the history and wildlife of Lake Biwa while slowly touring the expansive museum, which resulted in nice, healthy walk.

A short walk to the nearby Kusatsu City Aquatic Botanical Garden Mizunomori will provide encounters with wildfowl along the lake shore in the early summer on clear days. This visit has become an annual event where the Lake Biwa Museum is used as a place for environmental education and health advancement.


In front of the exhibit sponsored by Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra


The room with a map of Shiga Prefecture on the floor. Did they manage to find their own home?


Lake Biwa is one of only 30 ancient lakes in the world


Walking explanation by a health instructor

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