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Volunteer Afforestation Activities in the Horqin Desert (Hitachi Construction Machinery (China))


From September 18 through 21, a group of volunteers from Hitachi Construction Machinery (China) (HCMC) and IVY Association, an HCMC suppliers organization, conducted afforestation activities in the Horqin Desert which is located in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China.

The volunteer Horqin Desert afforestation project was started in 2004 by Hitachi Construction Machinery (Shanghai) (HCS). Over a 10-year period up to 2014, the program planted trees and greenery in a 100,000 square meter plot of desert, which has been dubbed the Hitachi Construction Machinery Forest. Since 2015, HCS together with its dealers in China has been carrying out a new 10-year plan for tree planting aimed at the afforestation of 130,000 square meters of land in another part of the Horqin Desert. The current activities were conducted in the new location where HCMC is promoting the revegetation of 100,000 square meters of land over 10 years from 2017.

A total of 40 volunteers, including volunteers from HCS and representatives of the NPO Green Network, participated in the activities, watering the trees by the bucket brigade method. The volunteers also observed the results of afforestation activities thus far by visiting the Hitachi Construction Machinery Forest where activities were conducted until 2014, and renewed their commitment to future activities.

In conjunction with the current activities, IVY Association and HCMC jointly donated a four-wheel-drive vehicle to the NPO Green Network for use in its tree planting activities. HCMC is committed to continuing these afforestation activities in the Horqin Desert in collaboration with IVY Association.

Visit to Hitachi Construction Machinery Forest in which HCS and its dealers were involved until 2014


Four-wheel-drive vehicle donated by IVY Association and HCMC


Watering by bucket brigade method

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