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Support for health research (Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia)


Picture of Cervical cancer Health Awareness Campaign at Sydney

In 2018 Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia (HCA) embarked upon highlighting health awareness across three preventable illnesses (Cervical Cancer, Prostate Cancer and Mental Health). Each awareness program was rolled out with information to all employees raising awareness and support regarding these illnesses, and arranged for ambassadors to visit our locations to give speeches to help employees better understand and provide opportunity for face to face conversations, in order to find help themselves or family and friends. We run each of these campaigns once per quarter during the year, and the Cervical cancer awareness program was scheduled for November. In conjunction with the awareness information we give employees the opportunity to make donations towards these causes. HCA also contribute a corporate donation, all of which go towards research, development and support programs.

In November we rolled out information during the month highlighting Cervical Cancer and the importance of medical screening. In conjunction, we arrange for ambassadors from the foundation to visit our sites and provide informative talks and opportunity to seek further advice. Employees are given the opportunity to donate towards these causes, along with a corporate donation from HCA.

HCA raised $2,170 in support of the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation. HCA also matched this donation dollar for dollar, as well as a $10,000 corporate donation – a total of $14,340AUD all going towards research, development and support programs.

Health Awareness Campaigns for the three areas (Prostate Cancer, Cervical Cancer and Mental health) will continue into 2019, with more information programs to help employees understand how these three killers are preventable, so that we are better informed to help ourselves and our families and friends.

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