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Conducted Tree Planting Activities on the Factory Premises on “China Arbor Day” (Hitachi Construction Machinery (China))


On March 12, 2021, Hitachi Construction Machinery (China) planted trees on the premises of the factory in conjunction with the “China Arbor Day”.

In China, every March 12th is designated as “Arbor Day” since 1979, with the aim of raising each person’s awareness of nature conservation and enriching the living environment of people. Hitachi Construction Machinery (China) also planted trees for the second time on “China Arbor Day” following 2019 under the banner of “Greening by planting trees, striving for low carbon and environmental protection, and achieving beautiful Hitachi Construction Machinery.”

In this activity, 30 Chinese privet trees were planted by the company’s employees. The tree planting area is about 200 square meters, and the cumulative area to date is about 450 square meters. Through this activity, we are expecting a soundproofing effect due to the growth of trees in the future by supplementing the lack of green on the north side of the factory.

Hitachi Construction Machinery (China) will continue to carry out environmental conservation activities such as tree planting so that the entire area around the factory will be filled with nature in a few years.


Hitachi Construction Machinery (China), together with Hitachi Construction Machinery (Shanghai), suppliers and NGOs, is also engaged in afforestation greening activities in the Horqin Desert.

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