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Improving Organizational Health Index

Organizational Health Index and Promotion structure

The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group is working to improve organizational health index with the aim of creating a comfortable and dynamic work environment.

Organizational health index is also referred to as corporate culture, employee awareness, and corporate style, and is an indispensable wheel for improving performance in order for a company to achieve innovation. Hitachi Construction Machinery launched the Organizational Health Workstream in 2017, centered on the Human Resources Department, as a cross-departmental function. We also plan, formulate, and implement measures to improve organizational health index, and disseminate information both inside and outside the company.

Conducting employee surveys

The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group conducts an employee survey every year to understand the actual state of organizational health and confirm the improvement effects of various measures. This survey is conducted by the entire Hitachi Group, and in FY2020, approximately 12,000 domestic and overseas employees participated in the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group. Approximately 2,300 of these are manufacturing personnel, and we have begun deployment in this year.

The results of the survey are disclosed to employees through posting on the company intranet, and are also used in efforts to improve each workplace.

Efforts to improve Organizational Health

Based on the results of employee surveys, Hitachi Construction Machinery is working to improve organizational health by steadily executing the PDCA cycle of identifying issues, planning and implementing measures, and confirming and reflecting on the effects.

In identifying issues and planning measures, we will work to materialize the measures through workshops involving not only executives but also young employees, appoint a person in charge for each measure, and manage milestones and continue to realize the measures. Through such follow-up, we are leading to the achievement of our goals.

Since the launch of the Organizational Health Workstream in 2017, we have mainly focused on enhancing internal communication, strengthening management and management skills, securing human resources in strengthening fields utilizing internal and external channels, and evaluating treatment, review of treatment evaluation system, execution of career development, cultivation and strengthening of customer interest first (CIF), and improvement of work environment.

Examples of introduction measures

Activities Specific efforts
Enhancing internal communication ・Introducing one-on-one meetings
・Holding town hall meeting/round table
Strengthening management and management skills Development of training system
Securing human resources in strengthening fields utilizing internal and external channels ・Introduction of in-house recruitment system
・Introduction of referral adoption
・Introduction of job-specific recruitment of new graduates
・Strengthening the recruitment of experienced people
Review of treatment evaluation system ・Revision of appraisal/compensation structure
・Improving satisfaction of appraisal interviews
Execution of career development ・Introduction of career skill map
・Enhancing Career interviews
・Establishment of a human resources conference to consider systematic rotation and human resource development
Cultivation and strengthening of customer interest first (CIF) ・Implementation of in-house seminars and training for the penetration of CIF
Improvement of work environment ・At the head office, we are enhancing the collaboration space to activate communication.
・In the future, the Tsuchiura, Ryugasaki, and Banshu Works will be enhanced with collaboration spaces in line with the rebuilding of the office.

Going forward, we will continue to aim to build an organizational culture in which diverse human resources can play an active role and demonstrate results, and to realize a comfortable and dynamic work environment, through the reliable implementation of measures based on the voices of employees. We will continue to work on improving organizational health.

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