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In the 12t-class "ZAXIS series", the engine has been renewed to improve output and durability, and the standard installation of an engine without need of a urea SCR system contributes to the reduction of the unit's life cycle cost.
While maintaining the high operability and output that are the features of the highly evolved hydraulic systems "HIOS V" and "TRIAS III," the oil level control has been further refined to lower hydraulic loss and achieve low fuel consumption.

Aiming to reduce life cycle costs
greater levels in
both power and maintainability

This development was undertaken in the concept of reducing service downtime.
As the 12t class uses an engine that does not require urea water and complies with EU Stage V emission regulations, achievements in both power and environmental performance with Hitachi's unique technological capabilities are provided. In the development process, the design was changed many times in order to improve maintainability.

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The innovative environmental performance

The TRIAS III, a newly developed Hitachi Construction Machinery original hydraulic system has been adopted in our medium hydraulic crawler excavators. Significant improvements in fuel efficiency, enhanced environmental performance, and a greater contribution to life-cycle cost reductions have been achieved while maintaining the highly evaluated, comfortable operability and work efficiency of the former ZX-6 series.

HIOS* V*HIOS : Human and Intelligent Operation System


Control performance and
fuel as you like

Our 12t class hydraulic crawler excavators and large hydraulic crawler excavators are now equipped with the HIOS V, which is a further evolution on the hydraulic system HIOS IV. This brings an even closer step to realizing quicker responses to more intuitive operator control. Through rigorous reviews focused on hydraulic loss, compared to the ZAXIS-6, we have achieved a reduction in fuel consumption of 6% or more in the 12t class and 11% or more in all our large hydraulic crawler excavators.

In response to Goal 13 of the SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) - "Climate action" - Hitachi Construction Machinery has many initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions in order to help reduce climate change and its impact. In the ZX-7 series, both large and medium hydraulic crawler excavators have improved hydraulic systems to help reduce hydraulic loss, which significantly improves fuel efficiency and therefore further contributes to CO2 reduction. In addition, the hydraulic boost system increases arm speed while reducing arm load, maximizing performance while minimizing fuel consumption. Reductions in oil resource use remains an important mission of the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group.