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First Start-up:Mass production of mechanical excavators started.

To support Japan's postwar land reconstruction and economic recovery, the construction machinery division of Hitachi Ltd., the predecessor of Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. developed and mass-produced Japan's first mechanical excavator based on purely domestic technology.


Establishment of Hitachi Construction Machinery

In 1970, we became independent from Hitachi, Ltd. as Hitachi Construction Machinery. This enabled us to establish an organizational structure that integrates the development and production of construction machinery with sales and service, and we have remained a leading manufacturer of construction machinery to this day.


Global Business Expansion

Since around 1990, we have expanded our global business to meet the demands of growing overseas economies. Today, the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group's global network extends throughout the world.


Electronic Control and Data Utilization

We are the first companies in the world to market hydraulic excavators equipped with satellite communication functions and has been a pioneer in the use of data from construction machinery. The data we have accumulated over the years is used to repair machinery and detect signs of failure.


Second Start-up

In 2022, there were two major changes for our company. The first was the start of our own business development in the Americas in March 2022. Previously, we had been developing our business in the Americas through a joint venture with Deere&Company, a local agricultural machinery manufacturer, but we dissolved this partnership and began developing our own business in the Americas. In addition, in August of the same year, Hitachi Ltd. sold approximately half of its shares in Hitachi Construction Machinery to Japan Industrial Partners, Inc. and Itochu Corporation. As a result, we ceased to be a consolidated subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd. and became independent from the Hitachi Group.Although these two events were separate, both represent very significant changes for our company. We regard this as the second start-up of our company and are developing management strategies for further growth.

Medium-term Management Plan BUILDING THE FUTURE 2025

Envisioning construction and mining sites of the future where work is safer and easier through developing more efficient, accessible technologies.