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Expanded lineup based on user's needs
Safety and reliability have further evolved with new models from compact to greater cost performance types used in confined areas
such as residential areas etc. In addition, we have added functions that allow operators to work with greater ease of use and with less stress. Reduced operator load with higher performance can be further achieved at the work site.

New construction machinery
based on
for the needs of users.

In addition to reducing life cycle costs and maintainability from fuel efficiency improvements, we have incorporated new functions that contribute to improving greater work efficiency and reducing fatigue.
With the cooperation of our group companies, we collected customer feedback and used this information in development. With limited resources, I think we were able to develop a wheeled excavator that meets more needs.

Shinya Abe
Senior Engineer
Construction Business Unit
Development Div.
Construction Products
Development Dept.


Auto Working Brake

This is a function that automatically activates the work brake when the unit is stopped. In addition, when the accelerator pedal is released at low speeds, a light braking force is generated, along with a function to stop at the intended position without physically applying the brakes. Improved convenience as there is no need to operate the brake pedal during an operation.

Cruise Control

With cruise control enabled, you don't have to keep pressing the accelerator pedal while traveling.
The unit also has an acceleration / deceleration switch that can adjust the speed during cruise control.
Operator workloads and fatigue are reduced by reducing the operation required of the accelerator pedal.

Automatic Transmission

This is a function that automatically shifts between low and high gearing. When set to AUTO, the system automatically switches to low gear on uphill slopes that are more difficult to climb in high gear. After climbing a slope, if the speed exceeds the specification, the system will switch to the high gear option again.
As the gears are switched automatically, reductions in operation time and effort are available.

In response to Goal 13 of the SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) -"Climate action" - Hitachi Construction Machinery has many initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions in order to help reduce climate change and its impact. In the ZX-7 series, both large and medium hydraulic excavators have improved hydraulic systems to help reduce hydraulic loss, which significantly improves fuel efficiency and therefore further contributes to CO2 reduction. In addition, the hydraulic boost system increases arm speed while reducing arm load, maximizing performance while minimizing fuel consumption. Reductions in oil resource use remains an important mission of the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group.