Hitachi Construction Machinery


Wheel Loaders

Wheel Loaders

Offering an extensive lineup in pursuit of improved operability and work rate combined with lower fuel consumption

Hitachi Wheel Loaders are used in quarry and mine loading operations, with a lineup featuring bucket capacities between 1.1 and 6.8m3.
They are also used across a wide range of businesses including snow removal, industrial waste disposal, livestock farming and forestry, supporting people’s lives.
In addition to comfortable operability and large work rates, Hitachi Wheel Loaders are also characteristically equipped with a range of technologies designed to reduce fuel consumption.
For example, the Active Engine Control System employs sensors installed in multiple locations on the wheel loader to instantly determine mechanical motion and control engine RPM accordingly.
This assists the operator and enables operations with less wasted effort to achieve fuel reductions.
We also employ engine covers that open widely, offering more working space and improving ease of maintenance.

Note: The dealers do not always carry the listed products and specification may vary by region. For product coverage and specification in your region, please check with the dealer nearest you.

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