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Fleet Management System

Fleet Management System

Providing total support for the operation of mines around the world

Fleet Management System (FMS) provided by Wenco International Mining Systems Ltd., a Hitachi Construction Machinery Group company, provides real-time monitoring of each dump truck to optimize vehicle operation and support efficient mining operation.
FMS has an extensive track record of installation primarily at open-cast mines around the world. The system provides comprehensive support for mining operation through a wide range of applications ranging from optimizing dump truck maintenance to estimating mining quality and yield based on percentages of material or ore content to be produced.
FMS plays a large role as the basis for Hitachi Construction Machinery’s Autonomous Haulage System (AHS).

An open and flexible IoT platform

As a range of machines and equipment is operated at a mining site, the systems to manage these components vary greatly, presenting the challenge of collectively managing all types of data.
Wenco International Mining Systems have been working on development of providing an open and flexible IoT platform.
By developing this platform, Wenco will be able to provide FMS-based software applications that can link together with the systems customers already own and those the business partners provide.
This will allow a variety of data from machines, businesses and others to be organically linked, achieving integrated system management and helping customers solve their business issues.

A system to optimize overall mining operation

In step with mining operation dynamically changing, the FMS has also evolved by combining a wide range of data acquired through integration so that trucks can be dispatched under more sophisticated fleet management.
The Wencomine, a FMS for large-scale mines, tracks excavator positions, the number of dump trucks being utilized, and calculates the volume of materials moved, truck travel speed and other productivity contributing factors by values such as material content across loading areas and the targeted yield per fleet pre-loaded prior to the start of operation. A set of all these data is used to automatically plan efficient loading positions, truck dispatching priorities and hauling routes to ensure material extracting quality and support stabling production.
Aspects such as vehicle fuel consumption and health condition can also be monitored to help a mine predict failures. As a result, it yields reduction of downtime and optimization of spare parts and maintenance personnel management.

Wencolite, a FMS for small-to-medium-sized mining sites

Wenco International Mining Systems offers the Wencolite, its FMS for small-to-medium-sized mining sites.
Since Wencolite does not require a large-scale wireless network infrastructure, operators can keep installation and maintenance costs down while being provided with a limited set of the minimum required features, such as dump truck tracking, a peer to peer communication function between vehicles and excavators/dump trucks performance reports. These options offer operators enhanced safety and productivity while helping them improve overall operational management.

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