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Features of Selected Parts

  • FEATURE 01
  • Material Optimal anti-wear, impact resistance and lubricating property
  • FEATURE 02
  • Manufacture Strict manufacturing processes and quality control
  • FEATURE 03
  • Configuration Design based on Hitachi Construction Machinery company's technology
  • FEATURE 04
  • Warranty The warranty program provides the equivalent term with Hitachi Genuine Parts
  • FEATURE 04
  • Supply Global supply system
  • Material / Manufacture

Excellent durability required for the heavy equipment’s working environments

  • FEATURE 03
  • Configuration

Designed based on Hitachi Construction Machinery Company’s technology

Shapes calculated to maintain sufficient strength to prevent early performance degradation (wear and cracking).

  • FEATURE 04
  • Warranty

We secure the parts with warranty equivalent to Hitachi Genuine Parts

The warranty term is for 1year/unlimited hour from the date the parts were installed on the machine or purchased.

  • FEATURE 05
  • Supply

Hitachi Construction Machinery's Global sales network

You can purchase from Hitachi Construction Machinery dealers around the world when needed.
Please contact your nearest Hitachi Construction Machinery dealer.

Hitachi Construction Machinery's Global supply Hitachi Construction Machinery's Global supply
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