Hitachi Construction Machinery


Production and Quality

Unique initiatives to achieve a consistent quality standard worldwide

Hitachi Construction Machinery and its consolidated subsidiaries maintain twelve production sites in Japan, thirteen production sites outside Japan and affiliates maintain a further five global production sites, to supply construction machinery to customers around the world.

Global Manufacturing Diagnoses

With the aim of achieving the same levels of quality around the world, in addition to voluntary initiatives pursued at each production site, since fiscal 2005 senior engineers have been visiting production sites in and outside Japan once a year to diagnose skills and workplace management in the process of welding, painting, assembly, machining and heat treatment. These activities assess quality levels including safety, delivery deadlines and costs while also identifying potential improvements in an effort to boost quality.

Global Manufacturing Human Resource Development Program

Since fiscal 2008, production engineers at Hitachi Construction Machinery Group companies have been accepted at production sites of Hitachi Construction Machinery to learn practical skills in process planning, streamlining and jig design over a three-year period to develop human resource and globally establish the manufacturing culture of Hitachi Construction Machinery as part of a human resource development program. More than 100 participants have completed the program, and based on their experiences in Japan, they have gone on to achieve success at production sites around the world and even cultivate human resources locally.

International Skills Competition

The International Skills Competition has been running for 20 years and involves competition across eight categories: welding, painting, measurement, assembly, transportation, machining, robot welding and facility maintenance. The competition aims to improve the skills of workers and enhance competitiveness at each site by holding competitions at sites outside Japan and giving many awards to technicians working at group companies outside Japan.

The JCMG mark as a sign of Japanese technology and quality


2020 is a landmark year in which Hitachi Construction Machinery celebrates its 50th anniversary and we observe 70 years since the start of the development and mass production of 100% domestically produced construction machinery.
To coincide with this milestone, Hitachi Construction Machinery has established the Japan Construction Machinery Global (JCMG) mark to signify the technologies and quality that has been cultivated to date.
The JCMG mark embodies our approach to manufacturing originating in Japan and is affixed to products manufactured by production sites around the world as a promise of quality made to customers.

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