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Front Line of Rentals (chapter 2)

5 Merits of Renting Construction Machinery

The rental of construction machinery offers the advantage of not only meeting customer needs, but also creating value for Hitachi Construction Machinery and for the whole world.
Let’s look at the 5 merits of rentals here.

Only the Quantity Needed, When Needed: For Lean Management

The biggest advantage of renting construction machinery from the customer’s perspective is the ability to rent only the quantity you need when necessary. Owning construction machinery entails acquisition costs, plus facility, equipment and personnel costs for storage and repairs. As renting does not require such costs, it helps streamline management and offers freedom to try the latest features. Mr. Ohwada points out, “Since you don’t own assets, you don’t incur interest rates or property taxes, and can make office work more efficient, by reducing calculations, such as depreciation. Another major advantage is that rental fees can be added into construction costs.”

Using Well-maintained Machiney = Peace of Mind

When a company owns its own construction machinery, proper repairs and maintenance become an issue. By contrast, when a rental of Hitachi Construction Machinery is used, the high quality and original machine performance is maintained via the excellent repairs and maintenance only a specialist from the manufacturer can provide. In addition, Hitachi Construction Machinery also offers proprietary services, such as Global e-Service, for collectively managing the operating status of machines, and ConSite, which contributes to the stable and efficient operation of machines by sending reports and alerts about their operating status. Using the IoT allows us to manage construction machinery in their proper conditions. We would like to emphasize the merit of peace of mind when using rentals of Hitachi Construction Machinery thanks to these services.

Easy to Use the Latest ICT Construction Machinery and Application Products

Mr. Ohwada says, “It is advantageous to try products that would be expensive to buy, including the latest models, such as ICT construction machinery, or hybrid machines that meet exhaust regulations, and application products, such as those developed for special purposes.” Obviously, you cannot determine whether the latest features will meet your needs without actually trying them out. Renting construction machinery and using it on an actual construction site allows you to match the construction machinery that is appropriate to your work. Rentals also allow you to arrange construction machinery to meet conditions like ICT construction machinery requirements when bidding on jobs, or when a joint venture (JV) will be dissolved after completing construction. Additionally, rentals provide freedom in selecting the attachments to mount on machines to meet one’s needs.

After Rental, Providing High Quality Used Equipment to Customers Around the World

Hitachi Construction Machinery is in the unique position of being able to supply well maintained machines that have been rented as new for 1 to 3 or 4 years as high-quality used equipment. This can be expected to raise the bar in the used equipment market, which is also beneficial for customers looking for used equipment. Of course from Hitachi Construction Machinery’s perspective, “It gives us a chance to engage with customers who haven’t had contact with conventional new machine sales and aftersales services. We want to link this to creating added value for our customers by providing solutions throughout the entire value chain,” says Mr. Inoue. Used equipment with warranty that hits the market after being used as rentals under the maintenance of Hitachi Construction Machinery has an excellent reputation and the demand is strong.

Seeking to Add Value and Solve Environmental Issues via Product Life Cycling

Sending machines to the used equipment market after their rental life extends their overall life cycle. Mr. Ohwada says, “We provide proper maintenance for used equipment and utilize remanufactured parts as well, so the construction machinery can lead a 2nd life. We believe that using resources effectively and reducing the environmental impact of products contributes to the circular economy and SDGs (sustainable development goals), which are commanding attention worldwide.” In addition, putting a lot of rental machines on the market like this will allow us to analyze data, such as how they are used, and then use it in developing subsequent products.

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