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The trend in personal consumption has been changing from “owning to renting,” as exemplified by car sharing, whether corporate or privately owned, or by services, such as sharing empty rooms as accommodations for tourists. The same is true of construction machinery. We are seeing a shift from ownership to rentals due to the changing needs of construction sites and for reducing costs. Our experts in charge of the rental business for Hitachi Construction Machinery, namely “Rental Daisuke” and “Resale Masashi” have provided reports on the state of construction machinery rentals and the merits of using them, all under the motto of “increasing customer satisfaction with our rental solutions.” Text: Toshiaki Saito Illustrations: Kayo Honda Photographs (portraits): Norio Sekine

Front Line of Rentals
Masashi Ohwada
Daisuke Inoue
Providing Optimal Solutions to Customers via Rentals
Spreading Hitachi Construction Machinery Rentals Around the Globe