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For sustaining local forest resources

In order for forests to demonstrate their various values, we must create healthy forests through appropriate planting, nursing, and thinning. In particular, in artificial forests, the spacing between trees narrows as they grow. This makes it difficult for sunlight and nutrients to reach the trees. Thinning is essential to address this issue. However, Japan’s mountains are steep and have a large amount of complex topography which making it risky for people to work there. From an early stage, Takano Forestry has been promoting mechanization aimed at reducing manual labor as much as possible, improving safety, increasing productivity, and properly maintaining local forests. Machines perform a series of tasks such as felling trees, clearing branches, cutting the felled trees into logs, and loading logs onto trucks. The introduction of machinery has increased productivity and has also had safety benefits such as reducing injuries during work.

Shingen Takano President of Takano Forestry
Trees take decades to grow, so forestry itself is sustainable work. The trees which we are currently thinning are like our contemporaries. These trees won’t be ready to be felled until we are all much older, after many years. The driving force behind promoting mechanization, increasing productivity, and protecting the mountains is the love that workers have for mountains and machines.

It is said that one way to increase productivity is to generate logs which are easy to trade. However, it is extremely difficult to make logs that sell at the highest price from trees that have different thicknesses and curves. The forest harvester machinery introduced by Takano Forestry is equipped with a system to generate the optimal logs. The machine guides and supports the optimal length based on the thickness, length, diameter, and curve of the tree. In other words, the operator can contribute to improved productivity simply by cutting according to the position where the attachment automatically stops. As the number of forestry workers decreases, the number of forests that cannot be managed will increase and the value of forests will decrease, unless we use machinery to heighten the productivity of each worker. Based on their strong conviction of smoothly and sustainably performing the requested management of mountain forests, Takano Forestry is considering the introduction of forestry machinery that will further increase productivity. By providing our products and solutions, Hitachi Construction Machinery is working to realize a sustainable society together with Takano Forestry, which is taking on the challenge of maintaining highly-productive forest management in order to leave healthy forests for future generations.