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Takano Forestry

Connecting to a future through sustainable forest management

With two-thirds of its land covered by forests, Japan is one of the world’s most forested countries. However, the number of forestry workers in Japan has decreased significantly in recent years, falling to about 40,000 from more than 140,000 in 1980. As a result, the number of mountain forest that cannot be properly maintained is increasing. Takano Forestry in Shinhidaka Town in Hokkaido Prefecture aims to sustainably maintain forests while increasing safety and productivity.

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Obayashi Kamisu Biomass Power

Connecting to a future through "Green Energy"

Energy is essential for our daily life and the activities of society. Renewable energy, on the other hand, is seeing initiatives being accelerated with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, and there are high hopes that it can be an energy source for the next generation. The general construction company Obayashi Corporation is working on expanding its business portfolio towards the goal of achieving a sustainable society through a core focus on its domestic construction business that includes the infrastructure that society needs in the form of office buildings, commercial facilities, dams, and railroads. One area that the company is concentrating resources into is the green energy business, and as part of this, the Obayashi Kamisu Biomass Power Plant, which started operating in February 2022, is working on the generation of electricity using wood pellets and PKS as fuel.

Daiei Kankyo Co., Ltd.

Connecting to a future with industrial waste management and recycling

Izumi Recycling Environment Park in Izumi City, Osaka Prefecture was opened in 2001. Many people would be surprised to learn that this was once a final disposal site for industrial waste. Daiei Kankyo conceived this park and now maintains it. Daiei Kankyo was founded in Izumi City in 1979 with the aim of managing the final disposal business. Since then, Daiei Kankyo has continued to grow as a company with the power to create better environments by developing businesses centered on waste management and recycling businesses. Currently, Daiei Kankyo is working on electricity generation such as biogas power generation for carbon neutrality and building local circular and ecological spheres. All of the company’s businesses are directly linked to solving social issues.