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As well as causing major damage, the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred in 2011 laid bare the issues that need to be addressed in terms of taking actions against global warming and other aspects of climate change and Japan’s energy demand and supply structure. In light of this, Japan declared in October 2020 that toward becoming a decarbonized society, it would become carbon neutral with zero emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050. The key to achieving this lies in strengthening the generation of electricity using new resources that include renewable energy, hydrogen, and ammonia. Founded in 1892, Obayashi Corporation defines its mission as being to realize a sustainable society as a leading environmentally friendly company, and as well as building the infrastructure that society needs through its construction business, the company has taken on the challenge of finding solutions to global environmental issues and has undertaken work in a wide variety of businesses. Currently, the company is focusing on the generation of electricity from renewable energy in the form of solar power, wind power, woody biomass*1 power, and geothermal power, in addition to a project to build a supply chain for hydrogen from manufacturing it using renewable energy-derived electricity to supply. By undertaking such green energy projects, Obayashi Corporation aims to contribute to the achievement of carbon neutrality while also using the knowledge and know-how it has acquired as a business to provide solutions that meet a range of needs towards the goal of decarbonization.

PKS refers to the remnants of the shells of oil palm fruit generated in the production process of palm oil PKS refers to the remnants of the shells of oil palm fruit generated in the production process of palm oil

- Utilization of generated ash -

The production of new value

Obayashi Corporation aims to achieve a circular economy through the effective utilization of resources and engages in the processing of the ash generated in the electricity generation process for provision as whetstone or roadbed material, and also collaborative research with chemical manufacturers with the aim of making the ash into agricultural fertilizer, and other such activities. And when it comes to the operation of wheel loaders and other such machinery, the company always keeps the environmental load in mind and pays attention to fuel efficiency. The wheel loaders that are used at the power plant are responsible for carrying the fuel delivered by 10,000t cargo ships to the back yard of the plant and dropping it into the combustion furnace, making them a very important piece of machinery that affects the productivity of electricity generation. The evaluation points for Hitachi Construction Machinery's machines are not only their high performance, but also the fact that the service solution ConSite has a function where data reports are used to provide the ability to perform a daily check of how best to undertake operations for efficiency and lower fuel consumption, as well as how to improve operations, and take the requisite action has made it a trusted solution. Through the provision of products and solutions for the initiatives of Obayashi Kamisu Biomass Power Plant as it takes on the challenge of a new field, Hitachi Construction Machinery will work alongside the company and aim to make a sustainable society a reality.