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Team Oosterhout carried out various cleaning and repair work at a care home in Breda. The work consisted of levelling the meadow where the Shetland ponies are stabled. By using the Hitachi battery-powered excavator ZE85-6EB the job got done fast and without any exhaust fumes. Various cleaning & repair work were carried out, such as providing a new net over the henhouse so that raptor birds are not able to take the chickens with them as prey. The various fences have also been thoroughly cleaned. Finally, the team started to enjoy themselves by dismantling two bird aviaries, safely.

Team Amsterdam committed themselves to increasing the biodiversity and making the Netherlands more green. To ensure access to new flora and fauna, weeding and cleaning the rough rock field in Hoofddorp took place. Furthermore, the volunteers made 1,622 seedlings that were distributed these last two days for free to be re-planted throughout the Netherlands by other NLdoet participants.