Hitachi Construction Machinery


Our Approach to Value Creation

As a global construction machinery manufacturer, the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group delivers “Reliable solutions” that help to resolve social and environmental issues through its business activities.

Hitachi Construction Machinery’s Vision

“Toward the richness of Earth and prosperous communities in the future…”
Hitachi Construction Machinery is contributing to the creation of comfortable living spaces.

Corporate Philosophy

  1. We are active in the evolution of “machinery” and the synergy between “human” and “business” that combines to create rich living spaces, making them more comfortable, highly developed and efficient.
  2. We consistently develop and provide our customers with the technology, products and services that generate new value.
  3. While maintaining profitable operations, we act as a “corporate citizen having good judgment” by staying in harmony with the environment and participating in cultural activities, striving for a symbiotic coexistence with society.

Kenkijin Spirit

In pursuing our vision and principles, it is important to achieve the goals of the HCM Group’s medium- to long-term vision and mid-term management plan while responding to the demands of society in areas such as compliance and corporate social responsibility (CSR). The actions of each individual employee (Kenkijin) are the driving force behind these efforts. If these actions are in line with shared values and guiding principles, we can pursue our goals while making the most of each employee’s ideas and initiatives. The Kenkijin Spirit codifies the shared values and code of conduct to portray the attitude of an employee of the HCM Group, i.e., Kenkijin. In turn, this is built upon the three ideas of Challenge (spirit of challenge), Customer (individual customer orientation), and Communication (open atmosphere).

Our Approach to Value Creation

Development marketing
We focus our energy on creating a global strategic development marketing system in order to provide the most appropriate products for the needs of specific countries and regions in a timely manner.

We harness the collective strengths of the Hitachi Group to research technology that is “kind to both human beings and the environment” and “technology that creates an even better environment” as a basis of our medium- to long-term growth.

We develop advanced and innovative construction machinery that offers improved reliability, controllability, and comfort, while meeting a broad range of customer needs.

We are dedicated to standardizing and improving quality levels while aiming to achieve the concept of Made by Hitachi where all products are made with the same high quality regardless of which of our manufacturing facilities around the world they are made at.

We are raising logistics efficiencies by building a logistics system and global supply system powered by IT and our know-how in transporting ultra heavy objects.

We offer various financing plans for our products to ensure that they can be employed by customers in a format that meets their needs.

We provide various types of construction machinery and equipment needed in the field, including standard machines, specially designed machines, recycling machines, mowers, and submersible pumps, among others.

After-sales service
We support the preventive maintenance of construction machinery, which includes our ConSite service solution using a wide array of operating data obtained from each individual machine.

Parts sales
We guarantee the high performance and long service life of our products by supplying high quality parts. This reduces customer costs and helps conserve the environment.

Parts remanufacturing
We collect replacement parts from repair work and restore them to like new condition at our remanufacturing plant. This supports the operation of construction machinery in even the most harshest work sites.

Resale of used equipment
We propose the purchase or sale of construction machinery that matches customer needs using our worldwide network and support system.

One Hitachi
The Hitachi Group centered on Hitachi Ltd. employs the One Hitachi approach where the entire Group works as one to engage in the social innovation business that combines its long-standing infrastructure technologies with advanced ICT solutions. Utilizing the Group’s integrated capabilities, we contribute to developing social infrastructure throughout the world based on the theme of sustainable development and environment amenities.

Open Innovation
Needs in the construction machinery market are growing more advanced, and in order to meet these needs, we are refining its proprietary technology and collaborating with business partners, including the Hitachi Group, which possess cutting edge technology in a wide range of fields. The fruit of these efforts include motorization of construction machinery, driving safety systems that make use of the latest technologies in the automotive field, periphery confirmation systems, and ICT-enabled work.

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