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Key Initiative Theme 1 Pursuing safe, effective, and sophisticated products and working environments

With its excellent technical capabilities as foundation, the HCM Group will continue to deliver innovative, highly reliable products to its customers around the world using close collaboration inside and outside the HCM Group. We will contribute to improvements in safety and productivity at customers’ work sites and aim to grow as a construction machinery manufacturer.

Key Initiatives

  • Develop technologies to secure safety and quality and to differentiate
  • Provide accurate information on products and services

Initiatives to realize the vision of “Made by Hitachi” uniform worldwide quality

The HCM Group is carrying out various initiatives under the vision of “Made by Hitachi” to create products with the same uniform level of safety and quality at its production sites around the world so that its customers around the world can use these products with peace of mind.
Our quality assurance system is headed by the “Quality Assurance Center” established at the Tsuchiura Works (the mother plant for the HCM Group) under the Corporate Quality Assurance Division. The center provides practical instructions and support to the quality assurance departments of HCM Group companies. In 2016, the “Global Quality Assurance Promotion Section” was established to further step up instructions and support for the quality control operations of overseas production sites. The Corporate Quality Assurance Division oversees the quality assurance operations of all production sites inside and outside of Japan, which ensures the entire HCM Group can deliver and improve upon the same uniform level of quality.
To ensure a level of quality at our global production sites that meets or exceeds our standards, we conduct “Global Monozukuri Diagnosis” on a regular basis. This initiative began in FY2005 as “Global Quality Diagnosis” in order to maintain and enhance the quality level of each production site. It later evolved and developed into “Global Monozukuri Diagnosis” in FY2014 which evaluates all aspects of SQDC.
”Global Monozukuri Diagnosis” involves evaluating work processes and actual machinery on the production line following a table of diagnosis items for each process, such as welding and machining. In turn, measures are taken for items where improvements are necessary. Our goal is to realize the vision of “Made by Hitachi” uniform worldwide quality by continuing with these initiatives to establish a quality assurance system and improve the quality level at each production site.

Global Monozukuri Diagnosis

Welding undergoing a “Global Monozukuri Diagnosis”

Quality assurance system of the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group

International Skills Competition

The 13th HCM Group International Skills Competition was held for two days on November 8 and 9, 2016 at the Kasumigaura Institute. The International Skills Competition is held once every year in order to enhance skill levels across the HCM Group and secure a higher level of quality. In FY2016, a total of 81 persons took part in the competition, including 27 from production sites in Japan, China, India, Indonesia, the Netherlands, and Russia, as well as 54 from HCM Group companies and partners in Japan. The competition included the new trial event of facility maintenance involving public demonstrations by HCM employees only. This will become an official event from FY2017.
Going forward, we will look to inject new excitement into such opportunities so as to further improve the technical level of each site and work toward enhancing production quality and safety.

Transportation skills competition

Transportation skills competition

Conducting customer satisfaction surveys

At the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group, we conduct a satisfaction survey of randomly selected customers throughout the world so that we can reflect their feedback in our products, parts, and services. Customers are able to select their preferred method of answering the survey, either online or in person. The latest survey was conducted from February to March 2016, with approximately 2,400 responses received. The results of the survey will be used to examine future strategies in each geographic region. Going forward, we will identify issues based on customers’ frank feedback in an effort to further enhance customer satisfaction.

Overview of the customer satisfaction survey

Appropriate disclosure of product information

The prompt disclosure of information about our products and services is vital to earning and building trust with customers.
Therefore, Hitachi Construction Machinery shares information through various media, including its corporate website and social media, and strives to ensure customers are informed of information concerning recalls.
For example, to ensure the quality and safety of our machines driven on public roads by customers, we collect, study and analyze information on defects that occur after a machine is sold. If a defect does not or may not conform with a safety standard, we have a system in place to ensure full compliance with the recall system stipulated in Japan’s Road Vehicles Act. This includes immediately issuing a recall notice to Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and repairing applicable machines free of charge.
Also, we provide correct information on preventive maintenance to prevent breakdowns, after-sales care, and service campaigns.

Information disclosed on our corporate website

Information disclosed on our corporate website

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