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Key Initiative Theme 2 Occupational safety and work style reform

Every company maintains the important duty of protecting its employees from occupational injuries and health problems. In addition, creating a safe and secure work environment enhances corporate value. The HCM Group is exploring work styles that are more efficient and highly productive and promoting workplaces where its diverse workforce can fully contribute its skills, under the basic philosophy of giving priority to safety and health in everything we do.


  • Make efforts to completely eliminate occupational injuries
  • Increase the number of business sites with OHSAS 18001 (occupational health and safety management system) certification
  • Reduce the total overtime of employees (indirect workers) to a monthly average of 15 hours or less by FY2020 (HCM non-consolidated basis)
  • Increase the average number of annual paid leave days taken by all employees to 17 or more days by FY2020 (HCM non-consolidated basis)

Key Initiatives

  • A fair work environment
  • Global management for health and safety of employees

Progress of main activities in FY2017

Prevent occupational injuries The SDGs request companies to protect the rights of all workers and promote a safe and secure work environment. The HCM Group is promoting occupational health and safety from various angles in order to realize a work environment that gives the utmost priority to employee safety. GOAL8
Aid work-life balance Achieving a comfortable and dynamic workplace while balancing professional and personal obligations is an issue not only faced in Japan but also in the international community. The HCM Group is promoting a productive workplace and rewarding employment by increasing the flexibility of work styles and working to curb overworking. GOAL8
Achieve employee health advancement Consideration of employee health is an important issue for management for boosting productivity and increasing employee creativity. The HCM Group is promoting strategic approaches to employee health, recognizing that the management of employee health represents one of management’s responsibilities. GOAL8

Future initiatives

The number of occupational accidents in FY2017 regrettably increased significantly compared to the previous year. We take this result very seriously, and will now work diligently to create a bright and healthy workplace free of injuries, with the elimination of occupational injuries one of the most important tasks for management. Specifically, we will increase each employee’s safety awareness, ensure they comply with fundamental rules, and step up safety training for workers without substantial experience.

Status of Work-related Accidents

There were 45 work-related accidents that occurred at Hitachi Construction Machinery in fiscal 2017, which marked an increase of 30 compared to the previous year. More than 60% of these accidents involved newer workers with fewer years of experience. As a result, we are carrying out emergency measures to review work procedures and improve safety patrols, among other solutions. There were 50 work-related accidents at our Group companies in Japan, and of these 19 occurred in manufacturing divisions and 31 in sales and services divisions.

Every day we are working diligently to ensure the safety of our employees, with safety the top priority under our basic stance of “prioritizing health and safety in every aspect of our work.” However, we must now return to the basics to focus on further utilizing our occupational health and safety management system and reinforcing preventive safety based on risk assessments. At the same time, we will faithfully also implement safety measures taking into account past accidents as well as work to thoroughly eliminate the potential for accidents. The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group stands committed to raising the bar of its health and safety activities by carrying out health and safety audits globally, including at our subsidiaries outside of Japan.

Frequency of lost-time-incidents (frequency rate)

Initiatives for Work Style Reform

Work style reforms for the dynamic engagement of all citizens are being promoted in Japan as a national initiative. Work style reforms tend to focus on prolonged working hours, but these reforms must also be implemented from the perspective of developing an environment where workers can do their job efficiently while ensuring their health.

The HCM Group is working to create a comfortable and dynamic work environment that further utilizes human resources with various values, while ensuring that each and every employee can use their limited time to the maximum effect. In a message from top management released in January 2018 entitled “Launch of Work Style Reforms,” President declared HCM will review conventional work styles together with employees and create a healthy and dynamic work environment conducive to the growth of individual employees and the company.

Specific measures include promoting work style reforms through the use of IT tools and the introduction of novel technologies such as Robotic Process Automation where burdensome processes are automated using robots. In addition, we will continue to promote improvements in the employment environment and carry out reviews of office layout and introduction of a free-address system, along with trial introduction of teleworking (working from home or a satellite office) to achieve more flexible work styles.

Poster on work style reform

Poster on work style reform

Initiatives for health and productivity management

The HCM Group is promoting initiatives for health and productivity management to contribute to measures for the mental and physical health of employees and their families and for prolonging the healthy years of workers’ lives. We believe that creating a healthy and comfortable environment that boosts work productivity and assists in health maintenance and advancement and where employees can contribute their skills is an important theme for management to address. In October 2017, we released a declaration on health and productivity management issued in the President’s name. Health and productivity constitutes the very foundation of our recent initiatives for work style reform and work-life management. We focus on making employees’ work a healthy and comfortable everyday occurrence.

In FY2017, a working group of the safety and health committee took the lead in organizing the walking seminar (November 2017), inviting outside speakers to attend this event that incorporates the ideas and views of employees. In addition, a group walk was held (January to March 2018) in which departments formed teams that competed against one another in terms of the number of steps taken during a pre-determined period. We will continue to promote initiatives to prevent lifestyle diseases and for stopping smoking together with our Health Insurance Association as part of our ongoing actions to reinforce and promote activities for health and productivity management.

In February 2018, HCM and Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra were recognized under the 2018 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program – White 500 (large enterprises segment) implemented by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Nippon Kenko Kaigi.

* “Health and productivity management” is a registered trademark of the Workshop for the Management of Health on Company and Employee.

Health and productivity management promotion members of Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra

Health and productivity management promotion members of Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra

Addressing mental health

Recognizing the importance of mental health care, the HCM Group continues to carry out activities focused on four aspects of care based on the guidelines published by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. We have conducted stress checks annually from before they were required by law. These checks have enabled us to raise awareness among employees about stress, create a comfortable work environment, and promote the use of hotlines staffed by professional counselors. In FY2017, stress checks were performed in November, with approximately 9,000 employees across the HCM Group in Japan receiving one. Stress checks represent an important initiative linked with our health maintenance and advancement measures and deeply correlated with measures to prevent overwork and provide appropriate solutions and guidance by physicians.

Additionally, we strive to carry out activities with an eye on both employees and their families, including self-care training targeting all employees, line-care training for managers including discussions on improving the workplace, support for employees returning from leave, and health counseling support, including management. for families, through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Our employees represent an irreplaceable asset. Going forward, we will aim to become a company where all of its employees can work in a healthier and more comfortable environment, and we will strive to improve the overall quality of industrial health, including mental health care.

Self-care training in progress

Self-care training in progress

Learning materials handed out during self-care training

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