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CSV Theme 2 Enhance initiatives to increase social infrastructure workforce

Development of infrastructure promoting industrial development and underpinning more affluent lives, along with resource development for a stable supply of energy, both represent the critical first steps in building a sustainable society. The HCM Group harnesses a wide range of leading edge technologies, including remote monitoring technologies for construction machinery and unmanned work automation technologies, to tackle the many challenges faced on work sites, such as shortages of workers and skilled technicians.


  • Contribute to enhanced site productivity for customers using ICT and IoT.
  • Reduce life cycle costs and improve utilization rate of customer machinery.
  • Improve the safety of machinery and prevent occupational injuries on site.
  • Contribute to alleviating the shortage of skilled technicians through advancement of machinery and systems.

Key Initiatives

  • Provide solutions to optimize mining processes and management
  • Achieve stable machinery operations and the reduction of life cycle costs
  • Popularize machinery and systems that increase work efficiency
  • Develop and delivery labor-saving machinery that is unmanned/uses robotics

Progress of main activities in FY2017

Realizing a safe and productive work environment Realizing a safe and productive work environment through investment in technologies that mitigate human error and accident risks is essential in promoting employment that is rewarding.
The HCM Group contributes to a productive work environment through the provision of machine technologies that can be safely operated by operators of different skill sets.
Innovative technological development that creates new value The structure of industry itself needs to be transformed through improved resource utilization efficiency and the introduction of environmentally conscious technologies based on innovative technological development.
The HCM Group is meeting these needs with the support of our technology developed using the collective strengths of the Hitachi Group.
Building resilient infrastructure The SDGs aim to drastically reduce the number of fatalities and injured due to natural disasters by enhancing development plans on national and global level by 2030. HCM strives to contribute to the development of social infrastructure, including rivers and roadways, by providing higher efficiency products and services. GOAL11

Future initiatives

In FY2017, we delivered new products and new ICT/IoT-based solutions in order to address various challenges at work sites including improved safety, improved productivity, and reduced life cycle costs. Going forward, we will continue to address the various challenges faced by work sites, particularly real-life testing for the commercialization of an autonomous haulage system for dump trucks at mining sites as well as advancing solutions for site management optimization.

Towards the Commercialization of an Autonomous Haulage System for Mining Trucks

Ensuring worker safety at mining sites where huge mining trucks operate is a major challenge. At the same time of ensuring safety, it is also necessary to streamline mine operations through total optimization leading to improved productivity and reduce life cycle costs. As one solution to this challenge, HCM offers an Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) for mining trucks.

AHS enables unmanned operation of mining trucks, which normally require the most manpower, at open-cut mining pits and provides integrated management using its control system. AHS is expected to minimize human error and improve safety, while yielding economic benefits, including reduce human exposure to Safety hazards, lowered personnel costs, increased hours of operation, and reduced fuel costs. HCM’s AHS applies know-how and Hitachi’s technologies in railway operation management, including block train control technology. Blockage management system divides the route mining trucks travel autonomously into multiple zones and permits only one truck per zone. Trucks haul autonomously within their permission zones without communicating with the control system, and only make contact with the system as they approach the next zone. The communication traffic volume is controlled to enable hauling permits to be given for each new zone. This fixes the issue of limits on the number of controllable mining trucks due to communication traffic volume and allows more mining trucks to be controlled.

In FY2017, we performed various verification testing performed at a location in Australia aimed at commercialization. We plan to conduct user tests at customer sites in FY2018 and tests for commercialization in FY2019.

* Open-cut mining pit: A method of mining where minerals are mined directly from the surface without digging a mine shaft.

Practical various verification testing aimed at commercialization will get underway in FY2019

Practical various verification testing aimed at commercialization will get underway in FY2019

Release of the ZX200X-6 Hydraulic Excavator, a Core Contributor to ICT Construction

In January 2018, HCM released the ZX200X-6 ICT hydraulic excavator, an all new addition to the ZAXIS-6 series and core ICT Construction solution. The ZX200X-6 features a proprietary system for ICT Construction that includes a machine guidance function indicating the location and position information of the machine and work target as well as Solution Linkage Assist, a machine control function that semi-autonomously operates the machine based on work target data.

The ZX200X-6 carries out work in a highly accurate and efficient manner thanks to its over-dig prevention function that controls the bucket so that it does not dig deeper than the work target and bucket angle hold mode that keeps the bucket at a pre-set angle. Compared to the previous ZX200X-5B, the ZX200X-6 offers better finishing capacity and improved workload by around 35% thanks to quicker work.

The ZX200X-6 also greatly increases productivity even on small sites and sites with no GPS signal because of its 2D capabilities. Furthermore, the machine can be upgraded easily from 2D to 3D simply by adding a dedicated 3D device. This enables the ZX200X-6 to be used in a wide variety of regions and fields.



Solution Linkage Mobile - work site visualization tool

HCM developed Solution Linkage Mobile, offering work site visualization, progress management, and proximity notification functions, as one of the ICT Construction solutions of Solution Linkage for improving safety and productivity on construction sites. We began providing Solution Linkage Mobile services in Japan from April 2018.

Solution Linkage Mobile was developed based on the concept of making it easier to use IoT at work sites. This solution connects machinery and people at work sites using mobile terminals such as a smartphone. For example, a mobile terminal is installed on a construction machine or dump truck operating at the work site. Location information uploaded to the cloud through an application is used to plot the position of each machine on a map. Conventionally, site managers examined work arrangements after checking the situation by telephone or other means. Now with this solution, they can use work site visualization to see in real time the location of machines and people, making it possible to increase the efficiency of work.

In real-life testing with the cooperation of customers, this solution improved work site productivity by around 10%. Productivity can be increased even further by linking this solution with ConSite, a service that conveys a machine’s operating condition and breakdown information in a timely manner.

Solution Linkage Mobile

Solution Linkage Mobile’s map screen. The location information and list of machines and workers with GPS receivers is displayed using icons.

Utilizing ICT Demonstration Site to experience ICT Construction and various solutions first hand

The HCM Group operates the Hitachi Construction Machinery ICT Demonstration Site in order for customers to realize the benefits of ICT Construction processes based on a clear understanding of i-Construction being advocated by Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Opened in October 2016 at HCM’s Hitachinaka Works, this area deepens customer understanding of i-Construction through demonstrations and training, ranging from surveying using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and laser scanners to explanations of ICT construction machinery functions and technologies, and use of software for creating 3D data. Here, customers get to experience various solutions using the latest technologies of our business partners. In FY2017, around 1,400 customers visited this demo site.

Furthermore, in April 2018, HCM newly opened the Hitachi Construction Machinery Kagawa ICT Demo Site at the Shikoku Branch in Zentsuji City, Kagawa Prefecture, as the second demo site. The HCM Group will use these two sites to foster understanding among customers about the benefits of ICT Construction for greatly reducing conventional processes and increasing both safety and productivity. This will position us to deliver the optimal solutions to customers.

Demonstration using ICT construction machinery

Demonstration using ICT construction machinery

Training for customers

Training for customers

First HCM official Apps “ConSite Pocket”/ “ConSite Shot” launched world wide

ConSite is a fleet management reporting service provided by HCM. Global e-Service system processes the telematic data automatically and provides to the customer a summarized monthly report. Also Customers may receive an alarm report in case the machine detects a serious condition. Data report supports customers by improving fleet management efficiency. HCM has provided data report in 33 languages since 2014. Currently ConSite data reports are provided to 113 countries & regions for 82,432 machines. (As of March 31, 2018)

In FY2017, HCM began offering a new app called “ConSite Pocket” for iPhone and Android to the data report subscribers. The app provides an easier usage and visualization of the reports than the emails. The users receive an alarm notification on the smartphone that makes the owner realize the machine status quicker. Also, the data report can always be checked by the user on the work site. In addition, HCM launched an app called “ConSite Shot” for official dealers to provide visual inspection reports to the customers. Mechanics of Hitachi dealers can easily create an inspection report with the assistance of Global e-Service. Machine owners can decide the required repairment by seeing the visual inspection report data together with the suggestion from experts.

These apps dramatically increase the benefits of ConSite. HCM started providing these apps from February 2018 worldwide, aiming to provide more reliable solutions to our customers.

Screenshot of ConSite Pocket (left) and ConSite Shot (right)

Screenshot of ConSite Pocket (left) and ConSite Shot (right)

ConSite OIL - 24-hour health monitoring of construction machinery

In October 2017, HCM began offering ConSite OIL in Europe ahead of its worldwide launch. This new solution utilizing ConSite’s automated reporting system monitors the engine oil and hydraulic oil conditions of machinery in operation 24 hours a day and issues automated notifications to customers and service staff at dealers.

This solution analyzes engine oil and hydraulic fluid conditions of machinery, making it possible to understand the overall “health condition” of machinery, including not only oil conditions, but also the condition or breakdown of parts and components. Generally, oil is removed directly from the machine and sent off for analysis to monitor conditions, but ConSite OIL is able to monitors oil performance all time by using sensors. The Global e-Service is used to assess data on oil degradation or contamination based on indicators such as temperature, viscosity, density, and dielectric. When a reading out of the ordinary is detected, dealer staff promptly propose to customers the suitable maintenance, repair or parts replacement.

By innovating ConSite OIL, customers have increased their advanced detection rate of breakdowns occurring in their machinery from 20% to 37%. HCM is now working on developing the next ConSite service following the success of ConSite OIL. Our ultimate goal is to increase the advanced detection rate to 90%.

ConSite OIL analysis report prepared automatically

ConSite OIL analysis report prepared automatically.
Combining these with operating status reports from ConSite reveals details of machine usage.

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