Hitachi Construction Machinery

We raise the productivity and reduce total costs of our customers by providing highly reliable products and supporting their stable operation.

The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group is aiming to support the stable operation of highly reliable products, improve customer satisfaction and achieve growth as a construction machinery manufacturer through the whole product lifecycle from the manufacturing stage to the use stage.

Global demand for infrastructure construction is expected to increase on account of economic development in emerging countries. As their markets grow, the various companies in the construction and civil engineering industries are focusing their energies on improving competitiveness and safety through various efforts such as lowering costs and raising productivity at construction sites. On the other hand, in the mining industry, there is a need to reform business through improvement of productivity at mining sites and efficiency of mining operations in order to overcome the recent markets stagnation and expand the market. Furthermore, in recent years, various issues such as a shortage of skilled operators and graying of workers have become major problems at sites where this construction machinery is operated.

In order to develop solutions to these issues, we have taken on the challenge of creating new customer value with an eye on the whole construction machinery lifecycle. In addition to focusing on technological innovation in the “hard” (products) and “soft” (solutions) aspects, we provide construction machinery with the functions, performance, quality, and durability that meet the needs of customers in global markets but also develop solutions to improve productivity and safety management at construction sites and mines through the latest ICT. We are also putting more energy into customer support based on lowering lifecycle costs, and these efforts include providing remote failure diagnosis service (ConSite) for construction machinery being operated and strengthening the global parts supply network.

Hitachi Construction Machinery Group' s CSR
Feature: Mining ICT's potential
Perspective1: Manufacturing Construction Machinery
Challenge to innovation
Strengthening of the Analysis Lead Design
Responding to computer-aided construction
Strengthening of global business structure
Perspective2: Using Construction Machinery
Promotion of Double Parts Sales Project
The spread of “ConSite”