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Recognitions and Awards

Major Recognitions and Awards in FY2017

Name of award /
Month and year awarded
Sponsoring organization Organizations receiving the award Evaluation
Excellence Award at the 21st Environmental Communication Awards
[February 2018]
Ministry of Environment, The Global Environmental Forum (GEF) HCM Group’s CSR & Financial Report 2017, and Environmental Website Awarded for our consistent policies from the top commitment to selection of key performance indicators (KPI) reflected in products, as well as mapping the SDGs against the value chain to clearly illustrate the issues and linkages to sustainability within our entire value chain.
Organizations (large enterprise category) Recognized under the 2018 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program – White 500
[February 2018]
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Nippon Kenko Kaigi Hitachi Construction Machinery,
Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra
Awarded for initiatives to energize organizations to achieve health management, including 1) the “Health Management Declaration” from top management and initiatives to maintain and promote health, 2) addressing health issues faced by employees including mental health, in collaboration with the health insurance society, 3) involvement of certified professionals (industrial physicians or public health nurses), 4) optimization of work hours and realization of a comfortable work environment, and 5) promotion of work life balance.
First Prize in the Zambia KAIZEN Awards
[February 2018]
Zambia KAIZEN Council, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Hitachi Construction Machinery Zambia FINAL DRIVES, the team representing the Hitachi Construction Machinery Zambia Components remanufacturing Center participated in the Zambia KAIZEN Convention held in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia,. Received first place out of 12 teams of manufacturing unit competing in “improvement of toolbox set up methods” as part of the case example presentation.
Outstanding Integrated Report chosen by domestic equity management institutions
[January 2018]
Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF) HCM Group’s CSR & Financial Report 2017 GPIF asked 16 organizations involved in managing Japanese stocks to select candidates for Outstanding Integrated Report and Highly Improved Integrated Report. HCM Group’s CSR & Financial Report 2017 was chosen as the top report among candidates from a total of 70 companies.
HCM received the Judges’ Honorable Mention Award at the 6th Contest for Corporate Activities on Biodiversity
[December 2017]
National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization, Aroma Environment Association of Japan, Water Earth and Green Foundation, Global Environmental Action Hitachi Construction Machinery (Shanghai), Hitachi Construction Machinery (China) Implemented desert afforestation balancing forest restoration and community revitalization through water bucket relay for the future in support of the philosophy of NPO Green Network, with the dual goals of forest restoration in Horqin desert in China and regional revitalization. Received the award for practical efforts in preserving biodiversity and sustainable usage.
Fiscal 2017 Kanto Region Invention and Innovation Award at the Commissioner of the Patent Office Awards
[November 2017]
Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation Energy saving system for hydraulic excavators TRIAS (Patent number 5572586) The proprietary three-pump hydraulic system enables precise control of hydraulic actuators with little throttle pressure loss.
Awarded for its contribution to meeting customer needs for outstanding operability and improved fuel efficiency.
Artisan’s Masterpiece Award at the Construction Machinery Industry Internet Conference (CMIIC2017)
[November 2017] ZX490LCH-5A large hydraulic excavator of Hitachi Construction Machinery (China) The ZX490LCH-5A large hydraulic excavator was chosen based on over 1.8 million votes on the Internet over a 6-month period, user reviews, and expert judgment for being a product that meets market needs. This marks the fourth consecutive year we received this award since the EX8000E-6 electric-powered ultra-large hydraulic excavator received the award in 2014.
Received the Hefei City Project Hope Award
[August 2017]
Hefei City, Anhui Province Hitachi Construction Machinery
Hitachi Construction Machinery China has been taking part in social interest events in the city of Hefei with an emphasis on giving back to society. In particular, in the area of children’s education, the construction of Hitachi Construction Machinery Songgang Xi Wang Elementary School in 2010 was financed in part with an education fund HCMC donated to Hefei City. HCMC continues to interact with the children of this elementary school through regular visits, the donation of educational supplies, and by providing opportunities to the children so they can have various experiences.
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