Hitachi Construction Machinery


Stakeholder Engagement

It is essential to form a good relationship of mutual trust with our stakeholders in order to smoothly implement business activities. The HCM Group works towards an accurate grasp of the impact of business activities and pursues CSR activities in unity with the Group by maintaining mutual communication.

Holding shareholder’s factory tour

These are held annually in order to provide opportunity for direct opinion exchange between shareholders and executive management. In FY2015 we had 105 shareholders participate in a visit to our Tsuchiura Works and then they get more understanding of HCM’s business and the growth strategies for future.

Conducting customer satisfaction surveys

We conduct customer satisfaction surveys with customers around the world in order to implement their feedback in our products and services. The FY2015 survey began in March and received approximately 3,200 responses.

Community contribution activities in India

Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery undertakes activities such as agricultural development, support for education, and technical guidance in order to contribute to regional communities. In FY2015 they ran a program to improve local agricultural incomes

Expansion of G-TIPS activities

The HCM Group is expanding the G-TIPS activities*1 which support our suppliers’ operational efficiency.
We conduct support suited to each level, from guiding and educating our suppliers’ employees to building model lines.

*1 G-TIPS activities: Global-Total Innovative & Inventive Production System. Activities expanding production methods that include “innovation” and “creative techniques” widely to production hubs and business partners both domestically and abroad.

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