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Exhibits and Other Events

Nature and living beings share this earth. We all share the hopen that our comfortable environment will outlast us and fututre generations to come. We at HCM Group believe that communication is the key to creating a sustainable society: communication with people, society and nature. We develop our environmental activities through listening to the voices of those around us, through talking and expressing ourselves.

At HCM Group we issue a yearly report that contains both the results of current environmental conservation efforts and activities, and our plans for the future. This environmental report was first issued in FY2005, but from FY2006 onwards the information was incorporated into the existing CSR report/CSR & Financial Report in response to global needs with regard to Sustainability Reports. We also distribute an environmental booklet to our employees with the aim of sharing information and cultivating an eco-mind.

Here we will showcase some of the examples of environmental communication with a range of stakeholders at environment-related events and exhibitions.