Hitachi Construction Machinery


Management of Chemical Substances

The HCM Group is promoting the prohibition and reduction of the use of dangerous chemical substances in products and production activities. For chemical substances where reduction proves difficult, we are striving to restrict emissions and prevent pollution of the atmosphere, waterways, and ground. Furthermore, towards the goal of restricting the emissions of these dangerous waste materials, we are reducing the ratio of VOC emissions into the atmosphere through robotization and converting to substances with small amounts of VOCs (process improvement) such as such as electro-deposition coating and high-solid paints.

With regards to the chemical substances found in our products, we adhere to emissions restrictions and European REACH regulations etc., and provide the world with products which have passed strict emissions standards. As for products including hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders etc., we provide models which have passed not only the standards of Japan’s 2014 Off-road Act, but also Europe’s (Stage IV), and America’s (Interim Tier 4 Final), and we have constrained to a great degree SOx (Sulfur Oxide), NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) and PM (Particulate Matter) emissions. These models are equipped with a newly designed next-generation engine, and make available construction machinery with superior green credentials, fuel efficiency, durability, and reliability.

Environmentally-friendly products