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Message from Executive Vice President and Executive Officer in charge of Sustainability Promotion


The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group engages in the realization of a sustainable society as one of the highest priority management themes, and formulates Environmental Action Plan on the basis of its Action Guidelines for Environmental Conservation and Environmental Vision.

We have reorganized our traditional business activities using a CSV approach*1. In the past, we have brandished a long-term plan continuing until 2025; however, we have formulated new long-term goals for 2030 and 2050 under CSV, and have announced our ideal company image. This plan analyzes the issues that encompass our society, and clearly states our direction for resolving these issues through business and creating a sustainable society.
Our environmental CSV activities have already commenced, having been divided into three themes regarding climate change: moderation, adaptation, and resource recycling.

For climate change moderation, we are carrying out initiatives to promote reduced emissions throughout the entirety of a life cycle. In regard to CO2 emissions during product use (90% of a product’s life cycle), we aim for high efficiency throughout the entirety of construction jobs by improving product energy-saving functions, use of low-carbon products (hybrids, electric motors, and batteries), and IoT technology. A hybrid wheel loader and 3DMC*2 were introduced to the market as ICT equipment in 2016. As a result, it is even easier for customers to select low-carbon machines, and we believe that construction efficiency improvements will promote energy savings in construction as a whole. We have set a 33% reduction in CO2 emissions from our products (as compared to 2010) as a goal to achieve by 2030.
We also introduced factory energy monitoring systems. This system visualizes the operating situation of each piece of equipment to eliminate waste, and has delivered great energy-saving results in all HCM factories. This is being implemented in group companies both inside and outside of Japan.

To adapt to climate change, we are providing machines and solutions that are able to carry out construction work speedily and safely at any site. The unmanned construction technology of HCM had demonstrated its effectiveness in emergency infrastructure development and disaster prevention, and we are developing this further through deeper IoT implementation, automation, and robotization. Consequently, construction accuracy rises, and the breadth of locations, scope, and time frames in which construction is possible widens even more; we believe that this will become a solution which promotes adaptation. Furthermore, appropriate conservation of mountains and greenery leads to green infrastructure that enhances resistance to disasters. We do not stop at developing machinery for forest maintenance, we develop solutions to support landscaping, and we will assertively promote adaptation policies to protect people’s lifestyles from here on.

For resource recycling, we have promoted our reused parts business for product reuse. Reused parts such as engines and hydraulic machinery are sold in 11 countries across the globe. Customers are also happy with the business, as it provides reused parts at a reasonable price while maintaining quality.
Construction machinery is used in our resources reuse business which converts waste into a resource. We provide equipment matched to specific sites to meet the demand of our customers. This support for a society which recycles resources will continue into the future.

We are also focusing our efforts into the conservation of ecosystems through the above activities and cooperation with stakeholders. The results of these activities are being publicly announced via the IUCN Nijyu-maru Project as part of support for the Aichi Targets.

HCM is not only complying with environmental laws and ordinances, and improving performance, we are also value our CSV approach for the realization of “Toward the richness of Earth and prosperous communities in the future”. We engage in maximized value creation by combining the environmental value of all stakeholders together with the value of the business and solutions which our company offers.

Michifumi Tabuchi
Executive Vice President and Executive Officer
in charge of Sustainability Promotion

*1 Creating Shared Value
*2 A 3D machine control system
*3 A declaration of biodiversity activities collated by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature – Japan

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