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Engaging with Environmental Compliance

At HCM Group we take the environmental impact of our business activities seriously, working toward robust environmental management by imposing stricter self-management standards than those legislated.
To manage the reduction of environmental risk, we carry out regular measurements of water quality and noise levels at each business center on an ongoing basis.
Moreover, we make information about environmental laws and regulations and cases of violation available to everyone in the group in an attempt to prevent recurrence and strengthen management.
We are also specifying environmental risks in the supply chain, and in order to remove/minimize these, we are strengthening management of environmental compliance within all CSR initiatives.

Although at the entire HCM group companies, there were transgression such as failing to apply for permission as well as omission of declarations for specific facilities in the FY 2019, all incidents were dealt with quickly and all applications were completed. Also we had external complaints concerning odor, noise, and the atmosphere, but we have completed countermeasures for them.
Going forward, we will continue to strengthen our environmental management, and we will strive to prevent any re-occurrences of these types of issues.
No environmental penalties and fines have resulted.

2017 2018 2019
Breaches of law or regulation 0 4 3
Administrative Guidance 0 0 0
Complaints 5 3 3

Risk Communication

We share information on chemical substances which pose environmental risks with local residents, and are achieving communication and mutual understanding through the exchange of perspectives.

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Risk Management

Transformers, condensers, and fluorescent light stabilizers which use PCB are appropriately stored/managed and shipped according to laws relating to waste processing and cleaning, and the Act on Special Measures Concerning the Correct Processing of PCB Waste Material (the PCB Special Measures Act). We are proceeding appropriate treatment according to our plan.

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