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Long-Term Plan

CSV Long-Term Plan

The HCM Group is carrying out value-creation initiatives in its three fields of “Manufacturing, “Using” and “Challenge”, which maximize “business value + environmental value” alongside all of the people who make up the society we are aiming for, and is formulating systematic strategies for environmental CSV in its entirety.

We utilize advanced technology such as hybrids and electric motors etc. which contribute to energy-saving and CO2 reduction, and are switching to environmentally-friendly products with the goal of optimizing our products’ energy efficiency.


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Long-Term Plan ''Environmental CSV''

In “Environmental CSV”, HCM Group aims to reduce CO2 emissions from the use of our products by 3.5 million tons.
This means that as we reduce CO2 emissions by improving the environmental efficiency of our products, our contribution to curbing CO2 emissions from the use of our products will be 3.5 million tons per year by FY 2025 compared with the products of the base year, fiscal 2005.
To reach these goals, we are working to increase the proportion of our products that are Hitachi Eco-Products, which place a reduced burden on the environment. We are expanding business opportunities further by working with partners in global markets.

* It is projected that HCM will achieve FY2025 CO2 emission reduction target through products 7 years ahead of schedule

Objects of CO2 emissions estimation: 5 types of machines

The volume of CO2 emissions reduction of each fiscal year is calculated for the above models with the reduction in CO2 volume of standard model(s) by improvement in fuel efficiency and shifting to electric-powered and hybrid systems comprehensively taken into consideration.

In FY 2016, we contributed a reduction of CO2 emissions during product operation of 2.93 million tons.

CO2 reduction volume by products

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