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Environmental 4 Impact Energy/VOC/Water/Waste Data Management and Utilization Commenced

In order to carry out continuous improvement in environmental performance, the HCM group constructed its own aggregation system which visualizes our companies’ environmental footprint. Since 2014, four environmental impacts ((1) energy and CO2, (2) waste, (3) water, and (4) VOC) have been managed monthly, switching from management in three-month cycles. This has made it possible to build a PDCA cycle corresponding to monthly performance variations, and has been hugely successful in improving performance.
Based on the details of this monthly data, an environment report targeted at executive management, including that of group companies, is issued every three months. Through these reports, the executive management of each company is able to visualize the success of their own companies in terms of environmental activities and environmental performance in relation to the entire group.
Furthermore, even in terms of non-performance aspects, visualization of the awards handed out to each company, and the records of communications with regions, etc. assists the activities of each company.

HCM has introduced the power monitoring system “EMilia”* which monitors the power information of individual facilities, and which is able to contribute to standby electricity reductions and highly efficient production. EMilia has already begun providing positive results and is scheduled to be implemented throughout group companies domestically and internationally.


* An Hitachi energy data monitoring system which enables real-time electricity monitoring for every facility. It monitors via a connection to all Hitachi facilities and enables results to be displayed visually.

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