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Environmental 4 Impact Energy/VOC/Water/Waste Data Management and Utilization Commenced

In order to carry out continuous improvement in environmental performance, the HCM group constructed its own aggregation system which visualizes our companies’ environmental footprint. Since 2014, four environmental impacts ((1) energy and CO2, (2) waste, (3) water, and (4) VOC) have been managed monthly, switching from management in three-month cycles. This has made it possible to build a PDCA cycle corresponding to monthly performance variations, and has been hugely successful in improving performance.
We introduced EMilia, an integrated energy and facility management system using Hitachi’s advanced IoT technology, at our five plants  in Ibaraki Prefecture. This system enables us to visualize electricity consumption as well as standby power and to reduce wasteful electricity usage.  The visualized data is used for making production facilities more energy efficient and conserving electricity consumed inside offices. This has included such measures as cutting electricity use during peak times and reducing standby power.

As a result, in FY2018 we lowered the energy basic unit of these five plants by 37% compared to FY2010.
These initiatives were recognized with the Energy Conservation Center Chairman’s Award in the successful case of energy conversation category  at the FY2018 Energy Conservation Grand Prize organized by the Energy Conservation Center, Japan.
EMilia is scheduled to be implemented throughout group companies domestically and internationally.

* An Hitachi energy data monitoring system which enables real-time electricity monitoring for every facility. It monitors via a connection to all Hitachi facilities and enables results to be displayed visually.

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