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External Evaluation

As a company, we are pursuing sustainable and socially-responsible business activities in ways that cannot be conveyed only with financial information. As well as of course releasing environmental information, we are also proactively responding to trusted surveys.

SRI Index

The SRI Index is based on ESG (Environment/Social/Governance), and is an indicator describing choices in socially-responsible investment.


Since 2009, the FTSE4Good Global Index has selected HCM as meeting its index criteria.

FTSE4Good Global Index Series

HCM was chosen as a Japanese brand that excels in Environment, Society, and Governance (ESG), as well as being chosen for the FTSE Blossom Japan Index an industry-neutral index which evaluates ESG risk management by Japanese businesses and promotes integration of stewardship into investment strategies.
This index was created in accordance with the existing FTSE4Good Index Series, utilizing global standards such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) etc.


HCM was again selected in 2017 as a constituent of the “SNAM Sustainability Index,” which was inaugurated by Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Asset Management Co., Ltd. (SNAM) in August 2012. This index is used in SNAM’s “SNAM Sustainable Investment.”

Environmental Communication

In the 21st Environmental Communication Award, sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment and the Global Environmental Forum, the CSR & Financial Report 2017 issued by Hitachi Construction Machinery and the environmental information disclosed on the company’s corporate website received an excellence award for environmental reporting.

Hitachi Construction Machinery was acknowledged as its products reflect the consistency of policies—from the commitment of top management to the selection of KPIs—based on the goal of contributing to social and environmental issues through business activities. The company was also recognized for the value chain mapping of SDGs which clarify the relationship with issues connected with sustainability throughout the value chain extending to the materiality analysis of production, transport and disposal activities.

CDP Investor Questionnaires

Climate change response strategy, and studies on greenhouse gas emission levels by CDP(ex:Carbon Disclosure Project)

  • CDP 2017 Climate Change Questionnaire  Score: A-
  • CDP 2016 Climate Change Questionnaire  Score: A-
  • CDP 2015 Climate Change Questionnaire  Disclosure score: 99, Performance score: B
  • CDP 2014 Climate Change Questionnaire  Disclosure score: 94, Performance score: B
  • CDP 2013 Climate Change Questionnaire  Disclosure score: 93, Performance score:C
  • CDP 2012 Climate Change Questionnaire  Disclosure score: 80, Performance score:C
  • CDP 2011 Climate Change Questionnaire  Disclosure score: 83, Performance score:C

'Corporate Environmental Management Grading' Survey (Nikkei Inc)

Environmental management evaluation in the following 5 fields: “Environmental management promotion structure”, “Pollution countermeasures, biological diversity policy”, “Resource recycling”, “Product measures” and “Global warming countermeasures”

  • The 21st (2017) 43rd place in Manufacturers (total 395 companies), 6th place by industry (machinery), score 450
  • The 20th (2016) 33rd place in Manufacturers (total 396 companies), 4th place by industry (machinery), score 454
  • The 19th (2015) 10th place in Manufacturers (total 413 companies), 1st place by industry (machinery), score 477
  • The 18th (2014) 23rd place in Manufacturers (total 419 companies), 3rd place by industry (machinery), score 467
  • The 17th (2013) 25th place in Manufacturers (total 429 companies), 3rd place by industry (machinery), score 461
  • The 16th (2012) 19th place in Manufacturers (total 438 companies), 2nd place by industry (machinery), score 466
  • The 15th (2011) 78th place in Manufacturers (total 449 companies), 12th place by industry (machinery), score 436

CSR Business Ranking (Toyo Keizai)

  • The 12th (2018) Toyo Keizai “CSR Business Ranking” Rank 132nd overall (out of 1413 companies)
  • The 11th (2017) Toyo Keizai “CSR Business Ranking” Rank 85th overall (out of 1408 companies)
  • The 10th (2016) Toyo Keizai “CSR Business Ranking” Rank 89th overall (out of 1325 companies)
  • The 9th  (2015) Toyo Keizai “CSR Business Ranking” Rank 89th overall (out of 1305 companies)
  • The 8th  (2014) Toyo Keizai “CSR Business Ranking” Rank 73rd overall (out of 1210 companies)
  • The 7th  (2013) Toyo Keizai “CSR Business Ranking” Rank 84th overall (out of 1128 companies)
  • The 6th  (2012) Toyo Keizai “CSR Business Ranking” Rank 92nd overall (out of 1117 companies)


  • HCM has received an A rating each year since 2011 from the Sompo Japan Green Open Fund’s “Buna-no-mori Environmental Survey.”
  • The Japan Research Institute, Limited “Japanese Corporation ESG (Environment/Social/Governance) Initiative Survey”
  • IntegreX Inc. survey “Integration with Society,” etc.
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