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Carbon offset certificates were applied for more than forty machines

We were the first company in the construction machinery business to start a carbon offset project (note1) in October last year. By the end of February, carbon offset certificates had been applied for for 41 machines. Under this project, for each machine used in forestry, We acquire a CO2 emission right of 1 ton, which is equivalent to the weight of CO2 emitted to produce the machine (note2), from overseas projects, and transfers the right to the Japanese government free of charge. We receive applications from sales offices all over Japan every month. After the procedures are completed to transfer the CO2 emission right for the quantity according to the number of machines sold to the Japanese government’s amortization account (note3), carbon offset certificates are issued.


Subject machine supplied

Acceptance of applications commenced in December and certificates were issued for the first group of eleven cases. The first certificate was presented to Kyokuyuukorin Co.,Ltd in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, on February 13. Mr. Utada, the Hokkaido branch manager, handed the certificate to Mr. Nigawara, the president of Kyokuyuukorin Co.,Ltd. Kyokuyuukorin Co.,Ltd purchased the ZAXIS130L-3 mainly for thinning work in national forests. The machine is in full operation in the snowy weather.


Carbon offset certificate


From Mr. Utada, Hokkaido branch manager (left), to Mr. Nigawara, president of Kyokuyuukorin Co., Ltd

Kyokuyukorin Co.,Ltd agreed to apply for a carbon offset certificate after learning that we are a member of the Wood Products Use Campaign (note4) and supports the campaign to improve forests by actively using wood materials produced in Japan. Mr. Nigawara said that Kyokuyukorin does various activities for global environmental conservation : acquisition of ISO14001 (in 2003), planting trees in the their forests (about 30ha), cleaning roads near worksites. He also said he would be pleased if the certificate could make people aware that their work in forestry raises healthy woods which absorb CO2 and is beneficial in environmental conservation.

Note 1 : Carbon offset
Companies and other entities endeavoring to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases but having difficult doing so, can make up for part or all of their targeted emissions reduction by purchasing greenhouse gas emission reduction and absorption credits from other entities.

Note 2 : Subject machines
Machines with forestry specifications (ZX130L, ZX135USL) and high-performance forestry machines (harvesters, processors, swing yarders, feller bunchers) sold by us.

Note 3 : Japanese government’s amortization account
A amortization account managed by the Japanese government. By transferring emissions rights to this account, we contribute to the materialization of the 6% reduction target compared with the 1990 level under the Kyoto Protocol.

Note 4 : Wood Products Use Campaign (written in Japanese) A national campaign led by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries that aims to improve forests, raise healthy woods that absorb CO2and to promote forestry through the use of wood materials produced in Japan.


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