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Counterweight recycling activities honored with Excellence Prize at the GREEN 21 award program

The Hitachi Group set up the Green 21 award program to commend group companies for their advanced environmental activities and products. Hitachi Construction Machinery won the Green 21 Excellence Prize in the environmental management framework and communication category for its counterweight recycling activities.

A counterweight is a weight counter balance installed on construction machinery. It is comprised of composite materials, including iron ore. Traditionally, counterweights have not been subject to recycling as the decomposition and degradation process was difficult. However, recycling was made possible by crushing the counterweight, and separating and recycling its respective contents. The Japan Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA) was the main player in the construction machinery industry to undertake the development of this recycling system, which was completed in 2006.

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The creation of this recycling system boosted the overall recycling rate for construction machinery from 86% to 96%, and has made it possible to recycle nearly all of the components of hydraulic excavators. At present, Hitachi Construction Machinery is the sole company in the construction machinery industry to undertake this task, and in doing so, supports the waste processing activities of its customers.

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