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Eco Car with Carbon Offset

Hitachi Construction Machinery promotes carbon offset activities and there are three types of activities that we promote: 1. through our products, 2. through events, and 3. individual activities. The first is our forestry machines (146 machines have been applied as of July 2010). Second, we have participated in the “Forestry, Timber Industry, Environmental Machines Exhibition 2009” and the “NEW Environment Exposition 2010 Tokyo”. We would like to focus on the third activity, which is to introduce our Eco Car with carbon offset features used at Hitachinaka-Rinko Works.

Hitachinaka-Rinko Works was completed in August 2008 as a leading-edge manufacturing plant. The cafeteria in the employee welfare building is equipped with all-electric heaters and a water heater system that includes public bath facilities in the same complex that uses EcoCute (an electric heat pump, water heating and supply system that uses heat extracted from the air to heat water) which is also used for electricity used during the night. In addition, to plan for the realization of a highly-efficient air-conditioning system in the plant buildings, we have set up a substitute ventilation system for our air-conditioning facilities, thermal insulating properties for the outer walls as well as an Iso- wand that’s superior in design, and use LED for our outdoor lighting for environmentally-friendly and energy conservation activities. As part of these activities, we have implemented the use of an Eco Car (hybrid car) with carbon offset features in December 2008.

We have indicated our carbon offset measures in diagram 1. By implementing hybrid cars in place of conventional cars that run on gasoline, we are able to reduce CO2 to a large extent. This activity cancels out the remaining CO2 by carbon offset to make the CO2 emission amount appear to be zero.


Diagram 1 : Initiatives for Eco Cars with carbon offset

The Eco Car is mainly used for picking up visitors for our plant tours. We were able to offset approximately two tons worth of CO2 emission applicable to March 2010. The CO2 emission rights is acquired from the CER (Certified Emission Reduction) that can be obtained from the CDM (Clean development Mechanism) Project which is a program aimed to reduce CO2 emission for developing countries based on the UN standards, similar to that for forestry machines.

Hitachi Construction Machinery will continue to promote our carbon offset activities to reduce environmental load.

02 (27)

Customers getting in to our eco car

03 (17)

Hitachi carbon offset activity sticker

04 (15)

Carbon offset certificate

05 (9)

All electric heaters in the cafeteria

06 (6)

Substitute ventilation system for our air-conditioning facilities

07 (1)

Used Iso-wand for our outer walls


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