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Exchanging Environmental Knowhow with Overseas Group Companies

Hitachi Construction Machinery actively engages in dialogue with group companies throughout the world to promote global environmental management. In 1H FY2013, to deepen the exchange of information, managers of the environmental departments at three companies in Asia visited Japan.

In August 2013, the manager of the environmental department of Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery (THCM) in India visited HCM Tsuchiura Works in Japan. Then in September, the managers of the environmental departments of Hitachi Construction Machinery (China) (HCMC) and Hefei Rijian Shearing (HRS) came to attend meetings. This is the second time the environmental department manager from HCMC came to Japan to participate in an exchange. Both of these meetings lasted for several days. We shared information on environmental control and environmental management, and reconfirmed decisions on business operations. We also discussed measures for dealing with individual issues.

By getting to know our overseas group employees through direct communications, we can expect our operations to progress more smoothly. We plan to promote environmental management at the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group by deepening our mutual understanding through these exchanges of environmental knowhow.

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Meeting with HCMC and HRS


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