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Extending cooperation in the startup of a recycling system for rubber crawlers, etc

Rubber crawlers are an endless belt composed of metal cores and reinforcing belts enclosed in rubber. About 50% of the track is steel. This means that precious resources can be obtained by recycling rubber crawlers. The Japan Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association started to promote and spread the recycling of disposed rubber crawlers in fiscal 2007. The Recycling Control Center, which was set up by the association in November 2007, acquired special recycling permission* from the Ministry of the Environment to recycle disposed rubber crawlers that were collected from an extensive area, and installed a system to effectively recycle disposed rubber crawlers almost completely. The system only requires the members to put rubber crawlers disposed of by their customers at specified places, then the system takes care of collection, transportation, intermediate processing, secondary transportation and use at recycling factories. During one year from March 2008 to February 2009, 51t of rubber crawlers were recycled.

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Collected rubber crawlers

We extended cooperation to start up the system as one of the managing companies, became a member of the Recycling Control Center, and assists with the recycling system of rubber crawlers.

* Special recycling permission: This is an exception to the Waste Management and Public Cleansing Law, whereby the Minister of the Environment waives the requirement of a license to conduct a waste disposal business in the case that manufacturers and similar parties wish to collect and recycle disposed products, etc., in more than one prefecture, and they have the recycling capacity that meets strict requirements.


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