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Initiatives towards biodiversity

In order for the Hitachi Construction Machinery group to enhance and promote biodiversity initiatives, we have revised our Hitachi Construction Machinery Global Environmental Charter. The Hitachi Construction Machinery Global Environmental Charter is based on the basic philosophy of the company’s corporate code of conduct.
Code of Conduct. Our environmental conservation activities are based on the 10 environmental conservation principles from the Charter and are also the foundation of our environmental vision.

The year 2010 was declared the International Year of Biodiversity. With the COP10*1 taking place in Nagoya, there is a high amount of interest in topics related to biodiversity. The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group has set “Prevention of Global Warming”, “Conservation of Resources” and “Preservation of the Ecosystem as the three environmental pillars of our vision. To realize one of the pillars “Preservation of the Ecosystem, we have initiated activities in “business & products”, “environmental management” and “conservation activities” by using the ESR *2 Sheet proposed by the WBCSD *3 to prioritize evaluation and activities for ecosystem services.

  1. Business & Products: We provide businesses and products that restore and minimize burden on the Ecosystem by solutions and products that include forestry equipment, electric machinery, Hi-OSS (Hitachi On-site Screening & Solution), information construction systems, etc.
  2. Environmental Management: Other than reducing environmental load from our production activities, we are also taking on initiatives that include the usage of biotope as a drainage reservoir and bioassay.
  3. Conservation Activities: We support overseas activities such as the “Horqin Desert Greening Project in China” and “Plant for the Planet in Thailand.” In Japan, we take on employee based conservation activities at Biwa Lake and Kasumigaura Lake.

Hitachi Construction Machinery also participated in the 2010 Keidanren Biodiversity Partners and Partnerships to widely execute the preservation of eco-system activities. We will further aim to interact with other corporate, regional and NGO partners for the co-existence and co-prosperity between living organisms and people.

Read more on Hitachi Construction Machinery’s Action Guidelines for Environmental Conservation

*1 Aichi-Nagoya COP 10 (the 10th meeting of the Conference of the Parties) CBD Promotion Committee
*2 Corporate Ecosystem Services Review
*3 World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Environment Management initiatives



At Plant, to continue with our biomonitoring activities,
we keep goldfish and carp by the final outfall in the plant’s water drainage area.


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