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Reduction in the use of substances having a negative impact on the environment

Our group has been striving to reduce the use of substances that have a negative impact on the environment in its products and during production in accordance with Hitachi Group’s Comprehensive Chemical Management Guidelines in order to respond to the environmental regulations in Japan and outside Japan, which are becoming increasingly stringent. The main action our group is taking is reducing VOC emissions.

TCM’s Shiga factory installed powder painting*1 equipment in fiscal 2007 as part of its efforts to reduce the use of substances having a negative impact on the environment. The use of powder paint, which does not contain organic solvent, greatly contributes to reducing VOC emissions. Powder paint was used for coating masts*2 and head guards*3, which are large components of forklifts. As a result, VOC emissions per forklift were reduced by 17.5% in fiscal 2008 compared to fiscal 2007, as shown in the following table.

Our group will continue to make efforts to reduce VOC emissions by implementing various measures.

*1 Powder painting : a painting process where powder is blown onto the materials and then sintered.
*2 Mast : the twin set of rails attached to the front of a forklift that support the top and bottom of the fork.
*3 Head guard : the roof of the forklift.

Reduction in VOC emissions achieved
Item Fiscal 2007 Fiscal 2008
VOC emissions (ton/year) 173 135
Base unit (kg/unit) 8.0 6.6

04 (12)

View of the powder painting booth
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