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Raw Material Procurement

In order to continue to lower environmental impact across the supply chain, we have been advancing green procurement through a policy of putting the priority on raising supplies through companies that are proactive in promoting environmental initiatives.
Bradken has been included in the results since FY 2018.
Total weight of raw materials for the past 3 years are ; 246,000t in 2016, 253,000t in 2017 and 318,000t in 2018.

Classification Type Itemization Renewability Weight
Proportion of Materials / Raw Materials Suppliers
Metal Iron (incl. steel plates) Raw material Possible 307.6 96.6% External suppliers
Others Raw material Possible 0.6 0.2% External suppliers
Non-Metal Plastics (Thermosetting) Raw material Possible 2.4 0.8% External suppliers
Rubber Raw material Possible 4.1 1.3% External suppliers
Machine oil etc Semiprocessed goods Possible 2.7 0.8% External suppliers
Others Raw material Possible 1.0 0.3% External suppliers

The percentage of recycled materials used for production of major products is 28.9%.

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