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Reducing Waste Products

To contribute to the effective utilization of resources, HCM Group is working to reduce the waste which accompanies business activity.
In addition, we are also engaging in the reduction of waste which is not recycled through resource-saving measures, such as the recycling of waste products and improvements in the rate of use of materials (yield rate).
In FY 2018, the entirety of the HCM Group achieved an 34.5% (reference year 2005) improvement in basic units of waste generation.
We will continue striving to improve our recycling rate to put into energy conservation, lower waste generation, and move towards our goals.

Bradken has been included in the results since FY 2018.

Trends in Amount of Waste and Valuables Generated

Basic Unit of Waste Disposal:
Index of waste disposal based on activity amount for each site, weighted by the waste disposal ratio for each site

Basic Unit Numerator(Waste Disposal):
We are focusing on production waste, general waste and valuables

Basic Unit Denominator (Amount of activity):
Index relating to the environmental impact and business format of each site (Eg. production quantity, output, operation time etc)

Reference Year:
Hitachi Group has set 2005 as the reference year as with energy.

Type Amount of Waste Produced (t) Amount of waste disposed of, by disposal method How disposal method is decided Criterion, Method, Prerequisite, Other
Amount recycled (t) Amount landfilled (t)
Sludge 3,913 2,405 59 Information received from waste-disposal contractors Based on electronic manifests and measured data
Waste oil 4,366 3,100 21
Waste plastic 1,363 1,085 8
Waste paper 2,715 2,488 74
Wood offcuts 3,567 3,559 4
Scrap metal 45,238 45,234 4
Other 2,445 658 1,744

Total Range: All Domestic and Overseas Production and Non-production Bases for Consolidation

Landfill Amount Trends
Trends in Amount of Waste Recycled

Zero Emissions Achievement Office

Manufacturing bases are working on a zero emission program. The zero emissions performance criterion for the HCM Group is a maximum final disposal rate of 0.5% (landfill disposal levels/waste product generation levels) for the fiscal year.
The 9 production bases which reached the FY 2018 zero emissions target are following: HCM Tsuchiura Works, Kasumigaura Works, Hitachinaka Works, Hitachinaka-Rinko Works, Former KCM Ryugasaki Works, Former KCM Banshu works, Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra, Hitachi Construction Machinery Camino, and Tadakiko. And as oveasea bases, Hefei Rijian Shearing Co.,Ltd., Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery Company Private Limited and Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) achieved zero emissions target.

Reuse and Recycling of Used Products

Promoting a Transition to IT-based Management of Waste

The HCM Group are promoting a transition to IT-based control of waste products in our efforts to raise the compliance level benchmark and streamline the administrative work related to appropriate waste disposal. We are working on initiatives to raise the electronic manifest issuance rate.
The 9 locations that achieved 100% of the rate published in the FY 2018 electronic manifest are HCM Tsuchiura Works, Kasumigaura Works, Hitachinaka Works, Hitachinaka-Rinko Works, KCM Ryuasaki Works, Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra, Hitachi Construction Machinery Camino, Tadakiko, and Shin-Tohoku Metal.

Ongoing Initiatives

Much of our waste is regarded as valuables, such as cut plates etc. From a cost and efficiency standpoint, it is important to not only control the occurrence rate, but also the recycling level. Our company is promoting zero-emission activity as the target of an important management indicator for the final disposal levels, and promotes thorough sorting of waste as well as the reuse of materials.

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