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Construction Machinery with Restricted Emissions

Hydraulic Excavator ZAXIS-5 Series


The new hydraulic excavator ZAXIS-5 series complies with the 2011 Act on Regulation, Etc. of Emissions from Non-road Special Motor Vehicles, which realizes low fuel consumption while maintaining large output.

ZX240-5B、ZX280-5B、ZX330-5B have the 3-pump 3-valve energy-efficient hydraulic system TRIAS employed, which is well-received in the hybrid hydraulic excavator. This reduces fuel consumption by approximately 10% while maintaining the level of output as compared to previous models (*1).


*1 Compared to standard models, the fuel consumption was dropped by approximately 11% on the ZX470-5B.
*2 The three-star rating is given to models which achieves 100% or more of the evaluation value set for the 2020 fuel consumption standards based on the fuel consumption efficiency index as set by the Japan Construction Machinery and Construction Association (JCMAS Standards).

ZW-5 Series Wheel Loaders

Complies with the 2011 standards* of the off-road vehicle exhaust emission regulation law, and through the ‘Active Engine Control System’, which responds to the vehicle’s movement by instantly adjusting the engine RPM, corrects unnecessary accelerator application during work to achieve reductions in fuel consumption. This new model further builds on the excellent qualities of the current model to improve on all of the points demanded of a wheel loader, including economy, work performance, and operator comfort.

*Apart from the 2011 Japan off-road vehicle exhaust emission regulation standards, this model is also compliant with European (Stage ⅢB) and North American (Interim Tier 4) standards.


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