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6 Feb, 2001

The New Hitachi EX1200-5 Large Hydraulic Excavator

Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., announces the release on February 7 of the EX1200-5 large hydraulic excavator, a model change of the EX1100-3 which improves work, comfort and maintenance functions (standard backhoe type, bucket capacity 5.0 cubic meters, operating weight 108 tons). This class of large hydraulic excavator is used in a wide range of applications such as quarries, mines and in civil engineering work; in the Japanese domestic market they are largely used in large quarries, limestone mining and large civil engineering projects. However, in the tight economic conditions in Japan today, there was a strong interest in improving basic performance, productivity, durability, maintenance and in reducing costs.
The EX1200-5 was created in response to requests such as these. Its working volume is fully 30 percent higher than the EX1100-3 and incorporates the most advanced functions available in a large hydraulic excavator, a new cast steel track center frame, a mechanism layout that simplifies maintenance, a standard automatic oil feed mechanism, the adoption of a highly effective liquid rubber anti-vibration system for the cab, the e-shovel function which allows the machine itself to accumulate operating information on loading and other functions (optional satellite communication available). Annual worldwide sales are targeted at 50 units.

Major Points

1. Increased engine and digging power means a 30 percent increase in the amount of work that can be performed.
  • Compared to the EX1100-3, the amount of work that can be performed has been increased by 30 percent: engine output has been increased from 412 to 478kW; maximum digging power has been increased from 533 to 550kN (backhoe, largevolume type).
2. Durability has been improved.
  • The running gear guard has been strengthened, the track center frame has been made in cast steel, and by using an abrasion-protection plate on the boss side of the arm peak and floating pin durability has been greatly increased.
3. Maintenance costs have been reduced.
  • Ease of access has been carefully prepared, with large inspection doors, wide check spaces and an easy-moving center passage.
  • Improvements in major maintenance items, such as the fitting of an automatic oil filler as standard, extension of engine and fuel filter replacement timesand other measures have worked to reduce costs.
4. Increased operator comfort
  • The adoption of a highly effective enclosed liquid rubber vibration dampening system in the cab increases operator comfort while increasing the durabilityof the cab.
  • The volume of the pressure cab, featuring a unified construction with the overhead guard, has been increased in size by 10 percent (compared to the EX1100-3), with the addition of a bi-level fully automatic air conditioning system.
5. Equipped with the e-shovel function
  • Sensors in the engine, on the hydraulic lines and on other points gather useful operating data needed for the control of the excavator, such as operation times, engine revolution, fuel consumption, fluid temperatures and maintenance status; output to personal computer or satellite communication system (optional), this information can be shared with customers through the Internet. By providing the customer with this information, a decrease in administration, maintenance and repair costs can be achieved.
Main Specifications and Price
EX1200-5 Standard backhoe Type Maximum Backhoe Volume Loading Type
Standard bucket volume (m3) 5.0 (4.4) 6.5 (5.7) 6.5
Operating weight (ton) 108 109 111
Engine S6R-Y1TAA1 S6R-Y1TAA1 S6R-Y1TAA1
Rated engine output
kW/min-1 (PS/rpm)
478/1,650 (650/1,650) 478/1,650 (650/1,650) 478/1,650 (650/1,650)
Overall crawler length (mm) 6,410 6,410 6,410
Overall crawler width (mm) 4,610 4,610 4,610
Ground pressure
kPa (kgf/cm2)
136 (1.39) 137 (1.40) 139 (1.40)
Swing speed min-1 (rpm) 5.8 (5.8) 5.8 (5.8) 5.8 (5.8)
Travel speed high/low km/h 3.6/2.5 3.6/2.5 3.6/2.5
Maximum digging power
kN (tf)
457 (46.6) 550 (56.1) 589 (60.1)
Maximum digging radius (mm) 15,340 13,760 11,440
Maximum digging depth (mm) 9,340 7,940 5,240
Maximum digging height (mm) 13,490 12,300 12,350

Note: Units given are indicated by the SI International System of Units. Units in parentheses are those which have been usedby convention.


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