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Release of Hitachi EG70R Full Revolution Rubber Crawler Carrier

13 Jun, 2001

Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (President: Ryuichi Seguchi; Capital: ¥²2,199,050,000) will begin sales of the HST (Hydro Static Transmission) drive system equipped EG70R Full Revolution Rubber Crawler Carrier (6.5t max. load capacity) on June 15.
This machine was developed by our company as a full revolution rubber crawler carrier, and is the second in the EG series after its predecessor, the EG40R. The top part of the body can rotate 360°állowing for dirt discharge from all directions, and with a top speed of 10km/h it is the fastest in its class. This state-of-the-art machine is suited to the recently growing rental market, and was designed to increase work efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and provide improved reliability and safety. It is especially effective for land preparation on narrow housing lots, and for equipment and earth transport on soft or unprepared ground. Our projected goal for sales is 100 machines/year.

Main Features

1. Allows 360°òevolution

By attaching the revolving ring the upper body can rotate 360°¬ which allows for earth discharge from any position. Work efficiency is improved for land preparation on narrow housing lots and other sites.

2. Fastest speed in its class

Top speed of 10km/h. It features the fastest speed in its class for full revolution carriers.

3. Improved durability and reliability

By using a D-type frame in the hydraulic shovel, 6 high-tension material (high-tension net) in the underside plate, etc., we have improved the durability of the main frame and the load bed. The full revolution-type requires less steering and lengthens the life of the rubber crawler.
We have vastly improved durability and reliability by using a large caliber sprocket, large caliber bearings in the lower roller, our own HN bush (lessening frictional wear with a special high viscous oil stored in an interior chamber), etc.
The operator’s space has been made more comfortable by using a ZAXIS cab. Right-side visibility has been improved by placing the engine on the side. Superior stability and loading capabilities have been achieved with a low-floor Bessel.

4. Passes environmental standards

Passes the secondary control index for gas discharge established by the Ministry of National Land and Transport.

5. Information and Communication functions

A communication function (including ICX) is available as an option. We provide machine info mation and profitable business information for 24-hour support of our customers businesses.

Information Controller
Item Unit EG70R (Cabin)
Max. load capacity 6,500
Machine weight 10,800
Load-bed flat capacity m3 2.2
Load-bed interior measurements (length) 2,950
(width) 2,200
(height) 380
Engine name Isuzu CC-6BC
Engine std. output kW/min-1 (PS/rpm) 132.6/2,200 (180/2,200)
Total length 5,400
Total width 2,500
Total height 2,870
Crawler total width 2,500
Crawler width 700
Grounding pressure (empty / full) kPa (kgf/cm2) 20/32 (0.20/0.33)
Climbing capability (when empty) degree (%) 30 (58)
Speed (low / high) km/h 7.0 – 10.0
Max. dumping angle degree 60
Rotation speed min-1 (rpm) 4.0 (4.0)
Top-section rotation radius (max.) 3,150
Drive system Hydro Static Transmission (HST)

Note: SI unit indications are based in international units. Former unit indications are displayed in parentheses.



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