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3 Oct, 2001

Hitachi EX5500-5 Super large-sized hydraulic excavator – now on sale!

Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., (president: Ryuichi Seguchi; capital: 2.219905 billion yen) has instigated a change in models from the EX5500, unleashing the EX5500-5 Super large-sized hydraulic excavator (back hoe type: normal bucket capacity 29.0m3, operating weight 518t; rotating type: 27.0m3, 518t) on the market on the 5th of October.

Since being unveiled in 1998 as the world’s largest super large-type hydraulic excavator, the EX5500 has garnered high praise for its functionality, reliability, and durability, with 12 units installed in major mines in North America, Australia, and elsewhere.

Not only does the EX5500-5 feature:
1.clean engine which meets exhaust emission regulations issued by the US Environmental Protection Agency;
2.E-shovel function, which enables machine operation data to be stored within the machine itself; functions such as anti-vibration rubber into which liquid such as silicon is sealed, thus increasing cab damping effects; it also, based on this successful and widespread operational foundation, realises even further improvements in comfort, safety, and reliability while easily meeting environmental regulations.

A sales target of six units per year has been set.

Major characteristics

1. Features a clean engine which meets environmental regulations.
  • The EX5500-5 boasts a new clean engine, which meets the USEPA’s 2000 exhaust emission regulations, which are said to be the most rigorous in the world.
2. E-shovel function
  • Features the e-shovel function, which is so popular in the ZAXIS series.
  • Through various sensors set up in the engine and hydraulic circuits, data pertaining to operation, including operation hours, number of engine revolutions, amount of fuel consumed, and operational oil temperature can be stored. This information is provided through computer or satellite (optional), allowing greater customer support through machine management.
3. Comfortable operational environment
  • Utilises anti-vibration rubber liquid injection which increases damping effects in the cab. Seating comfort and cab durability increased
  • Trainer’s seat now a standard feature.
Main Specifications and Price
EX5500-5 Unit Back hoe type Loading Type
Normal bucket capacity m3 29.0 27.0
Operating weight t 518.0 518.0
Engine model name Cummins QSK45-C Cummins QSK45-C
Rated engine output kW/min-1
1,007/1,800×2 (1,370/1,800×2) 1,007/1,800×2 (1,370/1,800×2)
Total crawler length 9,350 9,350
Total crawler width 7,400 7,400
Ground pressure kPa (kgf/cm2) 230 (2.35) 230 (2.35)
Swing speed min-1 (rpm) 3.3 (3.3) 3.3 (3.3)
Running speed (max./min.) km/h 2.3/1.6 2.3/1.6
Max. digging power kN (tf) 1,370 (140) 1,570 (160)
Max. digging depth 20,900 16,600
Max. digging depth 9,000 4,550
Max. digging reach 20,600 18,900

NB: Units displayed are SI units of the International System of Units. Those shown in brackets also show traditional units.


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